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Jackson Co	Chancery Court Minutes		Starts p. 26
Vol A  Date Nos 1840- July 1851
p. 29	

2 Nov 1840 	Bailey Butler, Jr. et al	vs. Lucy Ursery et al

			Lucy Ursery and Joel Rich have died since...
p. 30

2 November 1841 	M. Kinnaird and Thomas L. Branford

     Dic? Hawkins and John Hawkins, James Alex-ander Hawkins, Robert Hawkins, Louisiana Haw-kins, 
Martha D. Hawkins Cleveland, Winchester Hawkins and  Elizabeth Jane Hawkins and their guardianDice Hawkins.

Defendants were indebted to complainants
Defendants accepted the Mortgage for 1805? acres of land

p. 188-189

May 6 1845 
Bailey Butler et al 
	vs	}
Heirs of Lucy Ursery dec	

Complainant prayed the Court for a continuance of this
cause whereby consent of the Solicitors on both sides.

p. 203
January 4, 1848

Gainsboro Tenn  1846 
Bailey Butler et al
Mary Davis et al

Court ordered that this cause be remanded.
p. 289

January 28, 1848

James Tinsley 	vs Thomas H. Butler & others	 {Bill
Thomas H. Butler Executor & others
James Tinsley                             { Cross Bill   

. . . after exhausting the funds left in the will of Bailey Butler to wit $2092.82 which had 
been paid by the executor to the payment of the defalcation of Franklin W. Butler, there 
still remained the sum of $1,061.63 . . .  it is ordered by this Court that the Clerk Master 
take an account of all payments made by Franklin W. Butler to said Tinsley and report the same to the
next term of this Court  . . . further decreed (ordered?)
that said Tinsley pay to Thomas H. Butler executor said sum of 264.81 1/2
January 30 1850
July 10 1850

p. 407	February Term 1857

p. 408
Samuel L. Butler et al.
		Esparto Report

George M. McWhistin . . .  Guardian of the minor heirs of Bailey Butler dec ... had purchased the land in the petition
mentioned from Mary Anderson at the price of $800 taking a deed, Warranty of title & in the names of the heirs.      G M McWhintin

February 5, 1857	

. . . report of George M. McWhintin guardian of
Samuel L. Butler, Mary Anderson, Susan Hamp
ton, John S. Butler, Bailey Butler and Martha Butler,
minor heirs of Bailey Butler dec. 
said guardian had purchased from Mary Anderson the tract of land
mentioned in the petition in this cause at the price
of $800 paid for out of the fund in the hands belonging to said Wards, and that he caused said Mary Anderson to execute to said
Samuel S. Butler, Mary Anderson, Susan Hamp
-ton, John S. Butler, Martha Butler and Bailey Butler
minors as aforesaid a good and sufficient deed 
with general Warrant of title to said land.

McWhister to be allowed the sum of $15.00 for services
Jackson Co TN Chancery Court Minutes 1840-1861
Vol A.	p. 21

17 July 1851
John Butler vs Susan Butler Eans & others }   

estate of Welcome Butler $379.81 . . . leaves a balance in
his favor of $354.81.   claims came to be satisfied out of
the monies in the hands of the clerk and Master to be reserved un
til next term.
p. 357			

July 12, 1850  Samuel Butler and others

. . . guardian should purchase 
the land in this petition mentioned for themand if
so the values said land.
p. 145

7 May 1844
	Samuel B. M. Fowler and his wife Adaline Fowler	

     Poly Butler, Thomas H. Butler, Franklin W. Butler,
 Lucetta Butler, Erasmus Denton S.S. (?) Butler MariumButler, Lusanna Butler, John Butler, Martha Butler & Baily Butler. . . 

on the 20th day of September 1842 one Bailey Butler made and published his last will & testament in the 
County of Jackson Tennessee, and shortly thereafter died 

... said Denton is guardian for Defendant Lucetta.  

Defendants Lucetta Thomas H. & Franklin
W. Butler . . . there is ambiguity 

Defendant Thomas H. is the executor of said will and that 

the testator in his life time became liable
and was bound as the security of the Defendant
Franklin W. 

... it was the intention of the Testator to pay all the
liabilities of the said Franklin W. for which said
Testator was in any way liable 

. . .it was the intention of the Testator that Complts should have the tract of land on which they now live, it being
the same occupied by William Kendall at the
date of said will 

. . . the intention also that Defendant Thom. H. have the lot of land in the will mentioned lying in the lower end of
the Turkey Creek bottom, 

. . . it was the intention of the Testator that the Defendant Lucetta should have the lot of land in the lower end
of the bottom 

. . . the intention of the parties to this
Bill is an amicable settlement of the difficulties arriving (?)
out of the ambiguous character of parts of the will

. . . $20 reasonable fee to Nelson H. Goodall

. . .Thomas H. and Lucetta the tracts of land above

p. 403

4 February 1851

John Butler 	vs Susan Butler et al

. . . 	Interest is allowed on the sum of $25 for the rent
of the house the year 1849.  The sum of $12.60 for
a cow alleged to have been sold by defendant Susan
mentioned in the 4th exception as allowed and it is
ordered that no credit be allowed defendant, for
that sum and it is ordered by the court that the
defendants be permitted to take further proof upon
the account.  

 E. L. Gordon hire
.  And W.W. Goodpasture


p. 188

John L. Butler
	vs.		} Imp Bill
John M. Dixon et al
	In this cause it is ordered by the
court that the former order herein made directing the clerk and
Master to take and state an account be revised and the cause
remembered to the Rules the clerk to report to next term.

p. 287		February Term 1856

6 February 1856

Samuel B. Mcholmes (?), Welcome Butler & wife Sarah Sylvanus C. Holmes James Holmes and Adaline Holmes the last* by 
them next friend.   *lost?

Alexander Mortens (? Masters?)  }  Decree
John N. Gates (?)  Gotis

. . . defendant John N. Gates (?) on or about the 11th day of May
1843 sold to me, Benjamin D. Homes the __________ two
of complainants two tracts or parcels of land lying in Jackson County Tennessee in District No 7 and found as follows.  

 Plumblee & Butler's land line
. . to Baily Butler's upper corner  North west
went his lane to William Butler's line hence with William Butler's line to the top of the ridge.

. . .also one other tract containing fifty acres out of a one-hundred acre tract that was given (?) to Denton Plum
blee from the State of Kentucky beginning at a beech and poplar running ? west ? (with) Samuel Wilson's and 30 acre tract 
to a 30 acre tract of same John Gates deeded to him by Denton Plumble thence west his line to a black (?)

. . .paid to said defendant by the said J. B Holmes (S.C.) 
in his lifetime and the said Benjamin B. Holmes has since departed this life leaving the above named 
Samuel B. McHolmes Sarah who has since intermarried with the defendant Welcome Butler
					Sylvanus C. Holmes
& Adaline Holmes his only children & heirs at Laa (?)
						That Defendant
Gates in the lifeterm of said Benjamin D. Holmes nor since the
death of the said Benjamin D. Holmes has not made to the defendants or their ancestor title to the above described 
tracts of land as by his bon executor on the 11th day of May 1843 exhibits in this cause.  

p. 40	

28 May 1852

John Butler
	vs		} Decree
Susan Butler et al

. . .deficiency of assents to pay the debts filed and by agreement of the parties defendant Susan is allowed the sum of 
$20 for her services in settling said estate of Welcome Butler 

p. 50
20 Mar 1852

Zebulon M. Nettles & Nancy Nettles Matthew and Harriet Frost
	vs	}
John Stafford, Polly Anderson, Thomas H. Butler
Adm. of Bailey Butler dec & William R. Kenner Guar.
dian of James M. and Thos. J. Stafford & William Gore etc num?

. . . all the equities set up in complainant's bill is fully met
and denied by the answers and that bill is not supported by
the proof whereupon 

. . . James A. Spurlock the security for the prosecution  

p. 305   February 1856

Alexander Masters
	vs			Bill
Welcom Butler & wife

. . . being residents of the state of Tenn ...ordinary principle of law cannot be served upon them commanding them to apperar

. . . said defendants have failed to appear & make defence to said bill.  
. . . cause is continued next term.


985253		Chancery Court Minutes   Vol B continued

p. 19	

John Butler						}
	vs}							}  Decree
Susan Butler E.F. Sangford et al  

17 July 1851

. . . purchase money for said land has been paid into court by
said Erwin F. Langford - 

Decreed that the title to the land be divested out of the liens of Welcome Butler deceased and vested in said Erwin F. Langford
and his heirs forever subject to the widow's dower and that
the Clerk & Master execute a deed of conveyance to said Erwin
F. Langford in fee simple for said lands . . . subject to the dower of Susan Butler.
on the 12 day of October 1850 . . . to public sale on the premises on a credit of six months subject to the widow's dower 
when Erwin F. Langsford became the purchaser of the same at the price of six-hundred and sixty five dolars and ten cents 
he being the highest and best bidder for which he executed his note with S. C.C. Fowler security which is good the Master reports
that a line was also retained on the land until the purchase money is paid . . .

p. 322	Feb 13 1867

p. 333

p. 324

John L. Mahancy    }	O Band Amended Bill
R.C. Kiripatric ______________Lafayette _____W
__________Thomas H. Butler  David a. Bailey William
Gore Ersley (?) Martha Holman Bailie Holman
O. D. (D. G.?) Shephered John Hughes James Eaton William L Hall
John B. Anderson & Roland Terry
David A. Rowley R.C. Krikpatrick  Feland (?) Kirkpatrick
Lafayette Work___?
John K?elahony
Martha Stanton
John L. Mahone,
				Thomas H. Butler
Vol. B

p. 299

Alexander Masters				}		Decree
Samuel B. M. Holmes	 

defendant is indebeted to the Complainant in the
sum of #03.39
Benjamin  D. Holmes died in Jackson County about   day of     184

______ ______ of the following described tracts of land, ____
one tract of 130 acres on the South Side of Cumberlan River beginning on an Elm standing on the
bank of the river John Black's upper corner running E.
234 poles to a buckeye, sugar trees, beech & poplars
sapling in Black's line, 
thence down the river (?) with its meanders 285 poles to the beginning 
Two tracts lying in said county Dist N? N07 & lon ang?
as folows 1st tract Beginning on a Stake in Plumb___
& Butler's line of a four acre survey, running down
the river with its various meanders to Bailey Butlers
upper corner on said river, thence north west with
his line to William Butler's line to the top of the
. . .?  west of the public school house, thence East to the
lines of the 100 acres tract of Denton Plumblee thence with the
four acre survey to the beginning including fifty acres out of
a 100 acre tract that was granted to Denton Plumblee from
the State of Kentucky.  Beginning at a beech & poplar running with Samuel Wilson dec@ 30 acre tract to 
a 38 acre tract of s' ? Gates deeded to him by Denton Plumblee, thence with
his line to a black oak a corner of said track hence South
w. running up the ridge south west to the side line of this
100 acre survey thence to the beech
& poplar & it appearing to the Court that defendant is one
of the children's heirs at law of said Benjamin D. Holmes
dec@ & entitled to one fifth part of said land and if fur
-ther appearing to the Court that defendan'ts _____undivested?
__interest in said lands has been attached by complaint in
this cause to satisfy his said claim against defendant
Ordered by the Court that Complainant recover of defendant said sum of  303,39  Clerk & Master proceed to sell undivded 
interest of defendant in said lands at the court house div ? Gainsboro af
ter advertising the same as agreed by law to the higest bidder for cash & report to next term -