Land Grant to James Butler

Kentucky Land Grants, No. 28001
Acres: 50
On Proctors Creek
Survey Date: Oct 1, 1835
FHL Film No. 272870, book 3, page 242.

James T. Morehead Esq. Luiet. and acting Govenor of the Common wealth of Ky, To all to whom these presents shall come greeting know ye that by virture and in consideration of part of a Land Office Warrant No 28001 there is granted by the said Commonwealth unto James Butler assee of William H. Wilson assee of Rice Macey who was assee of the Monroe County Court a certain tract or parcel of land containing fifty acres by survey being date the 1st October 1835 lying and being in the County of Jackson in the State of Tennessee South of Walker line West of Cumberland river between said line and the Lattitude 36 80 and the waters of Proctor Creek and bounded as follweth land

Beginning at a white oak and two sugar trees comes to lodes 25 a? thence with this line N42 E50 p? a beech h?s beginning conner and ? corner of 100 acres thence with Mineshire N77 W15 past three beech trees come? some thence with his line S30 W129 p? a beech his corner and a branch thence with his line N60 W5 p? to a small beech ? ? at a bluff of rocks thence 16W 34 p? an ash and spanish oak on a hillside thence S34 W17 p? which ? the point of a hill thence s43 60? 26 p? two beeches on a hillside thence S27 E28 p? to a ? and hillside thence S70 E50 ? a white oak and hickory ? Biggersloff thence N37 E with his line 42 poles a white oak come to same thence with a line of the same N64 E14 poles a chesnutt oak comes to same thence N40 E? poles ? ash comes to same Lades 25 acres thence with Lades line N20 W74 poles to two hickory and two maples saplings comesto some thence with ? of his lines West 10 poles to a spanish oak and white oak comes to same thence N15 E66 poles to the Beginning With its appurtenances to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with its appurtenances to the said James Butler and his heirs forever. In witness whense of said James T. Morehead Esq. Lieut. and acting Governor of the Commonwealth of KY hath hereuntoset his hand and caused the seal of the said Commonwealth to be affixed at Frankfort on the 1st day of February in the year of our Lord 1836 nad the Commonwealth ? 44.

By the Luiet. and acting Governor /s/ James T. Morehead