Abstracted from the "Carthage Gazette," No. 114, Vol. 111, by Katherine Cassetty Whitleyville, TN. Printed in UCGA Vol. XIII, No. 1, pg 26.
Land given in and liable for tax

Benjamin Blackburn 300 acres
William Gore
Edward Fitzpatrick
David Meadow 250 acre part of 1900 acre tract
Hardy Murfries Heirs - Salt Lick Creek
Robert Brooks Brooks Bend
John James - Jennings Creek
Isaac Moore - Wartrace
Daniel Cherry - Walton Road
Stokely Donaldson - 640 acre grant
Solomon Prewitts Heirs 640 acres
John Hendron 320 acres part of 640 acre tract where Abner Lee lives on Jennings Creek
James Peyton - 640 acres on Jennings Creek where David Dixon and where the Griffiths live
James Braken on Jennings Creek joining Stephen Maraign
John Howard - 2460 acres on headwaters of Roaring River and Caney Creek
Benjamin Bradshaw - 640 acres on Wartrace Creek where James Ray Sr. now lives
David Wilson and John Dixon - 240 acres on Wartrace Creek
John Black's Heirs - 320 acres South side of Cumberland River
Richard Mitchell - 300 acres on Pigeon Roost Creek where Joel Alexander lives
David Rose - 270 1/4 acres on head waters of Little Caney Fork including place where Thomas Barren lives (?Thomas Barnes?)
William P. Anderson - 640 acres on Fort Blount Road where John Dillingham lives
Richard Mitchell - 300 acres on Pidgeon Roost and improvements of Woolsey Pearce

Will be sold at Williamsburg First Monday of November 1811

James Cooke, Sheriff"