Certificate No. 26316

Certificate No. 2421 4 July 1816 Tennessee issued to John C. McLemone for 500 acres and entered on 27 November 1816 No. 17900

Tennessee grants unto James Butler & Thomas Ryal assignees of the land Jno C McLemone parcel of land containing ?? acres lying:

in the first District in Jackson County on Brimstone Creek and bounded as follows to wit. Beginning at a beech on Samuel Moore upper line. Running east with said line crossing said creek 26 poles to a Sugartree at a natural boundary. thence with the meanders of said boundary North 24 poles Thence north 55 west 34 poles Thence north 20 poles in all 78 poles to a beech & Sugartree. Thence west crossing said creek 20 poles to an elm at a natural boundary. Thence down with said boundary south 22 degrees east 58 poles. Thence South 10 poles in all 78 poles to the Beginning. Including the improvement whereon Isaac Connor now lives.
Recorded 8 April 1834

TSLA Land Grants p. 206

John Butler ?


to D. Cherry

For value recd, I John Butler of the State of No Carolina and County of Berhu [?] one of the only heir to James Butler do Bargain & sell to Transfer unto Darling Cherry and his heirs forever a Military Land Warrant for 40 acres, No 309.

test William Harrele [?]
Reuben Harrison [?] In witness wherof I do here unto set myhand and offer myu seal this
26th of August 1820
James x Butler seal

For a valuable Consideration to me in hand paid by Darling Cherry, I Jethro Butler of the State of No Carolina and county of Bertie one of the only heirs to James Butler who was a Continental soldier in the Revoluti =onary war and in the No Carolina line, do Bargain sell Allein [?] Convey confirm and Transfer unto the said Darling Cherry and his heirs and assigns forever a Military Land Warrant issued to the Heirs of James Butler for 640 acres No. 309.
In writing whereof I have here Test,unto set my hand and seal
Laurence Cherry this 15th April 1820

his his
Ann X Scott Jethro X Butler seal
mark mark

Survey 29 December 1817

No. 309

The Heirs of James Butler 640 acres

Valid 1820

State of North Carolina N. 309
William Hill, Secretary of state, to the SURVEYOR of The Military lands Greeting;

Pursuant to a resolution of the General Assembly, passed the 8th day of December 1819 You are hereby required as soon as may be, to lay off and survey for the Heirs of James Butler a private a Tract of Land containing 640 acres within the limits of the lands reserved for the Officers and Soldiers of the Continental line of this state.

28 February 1820 Wm. Hill