164-1841-14, Letter to Senator Turreny

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Jackson County Tenn
Sept 1841

To W. Tamb Turreny

Senator from the Counties of Jackson, White, Overton & Fentress in the Legislature of Tenn.

We the undersigned Citizen residents and Loyal votes of the County of Jackson considering it our undoubted right at all times to instruct our Senator Representatives and Agents and being clearly of opinion that there is is an undoubted Whig Majority of several hundred Loyal votes in this Senatorial district. If their views and sentiments were clearly expressed and as they were expressed at the Election for Governor of this State in the years 1839 and 41 and also in the Election of President of the United States in Nov. 1840 and believing it to be the duty of the Representatives of the People, their agents and servants, at all times to carry out the will and wish of their constituents.

We do therefore hereby instruct you as their Senator from this district to vote for Two well known and approved Whigs as Senators in Congress from this State and that in giving your vote as aforesaid you are hereby instructed to vote for such individuals for Senators in Congress as shall review the nomination and general support of the Whig party in the Legislature of which you are a member.

	B Butler Sen       				? Grow
	Elijah Gaddis					Welcome Butler
	Bailey Butler jr				Jacob Brown
	William Butler					James Brown
	William Grison					Thomas Brown
	John Gates					Peter Ruser
	WIlliam Kendall					Pleasant Brown
	Thomas H. Butler				Zachius Brown
	Erusmus Denton					Cary Cherry Jr
	Nathenial Flat					David R. Flat
	Michael Brown					Benjamin Flatt
	                                         	? ?
	                                         	? T. Hall