Thomas & Jane Butler Bible

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Thomas Butler was married to Jane Turner Oct. 50, 1854, in
Overton County, Term.

John Benton Butler was married to Hannah Hinchliff Oct. 5,
1867, at Virginia, Case Co., Illinois

Edna Butler and Joseph Edwin Slate
were married June 26, 1907, in Spokane, Washington

Adah L. Butler and Peter J. Regan were married Jan
26, 1955 in Spokane, Wa. (Adah Leland Butler)

Edwin Victor Slate and Helen Philbrick
were married Oct. 20, 1945 at San
Francisco, Cal.

Herbert Butler Slate and Violet Eunice
Perugi were married Feb. 5, 1951, at
Schenectady, New York

Irma Jean Slate and Willard Cassius
Breakey were married Feb. 19, 1944, at
Spokane, Washington


Margaret S. Butler was married to George
W. Gilbert Nov. 27, 1851 in Lewis Co.,

Sarah Butler was married to Abner H.
Howe, Sept 19, 1855, in La Grange, Lewis
Co., Missouri

Patrick H. Butler was married to Isabelle
Milburn, Dec. 25, 1861, Northern San
Juan, Nevada County, Cal.

Mary C. Butler was married to Chauncey Goodrich
March 11, 1865, at St. Louis, Missouri

William F. Butler was married to Manatia E. Kirkpatrick
March 22, 1871 in Platte County, Missouri

Henry Hinchliff and Martha Bradley were
married Nov. 19, 1847, in &igland

Mary Ann Hinchliff and Eli M. Downing were married Feb. 25,


Thomas Butler was born March 14, 1807, in Jackson
County, Tennessee

Jane Turner was born Feb. 29, 1812, in
Overton County, Tennessee

James A. Butler was born Nov. 7, 1825,
in Jackson County, Tennessee

Patrick H. Butler was born Sept. 5,
1827, in Jackson County, Tennessee

Frances G. Butler was born July 10, 1852, in
Jackson County, Tennessee

Thomas C. Butler was born Dec. 10,
1859, in Overton County, Tennessee

John B. Butler was born Nov. 6, 1841,
in Overton County, Tennessee

Mary C. Butler was born Sept. 20,
1846, in Platte County, Missouri

Kendall L. Butler was born
Sept. 7, 1850, at La Grange, Louis
County, Missouri

Albert D. Butler was born Sept. 21,
1856, in Adams Co., Illinois

Margaret S. Butler was born August 7,
1855, in Overton County, Term.

Sarah E. Butler was born November 19,
1856, in Overton County, Tenn.

William F. Butler was born April 1, 1858,
in Overton County, Tenn.

Margaret Kirkpatrick Butler was born June
19, 18077, in Jackson Co., Team.
(Daughter of Samuel and Jane
Kirkpatrick, and first wife of Thomas Butler)



Henry Hinchliff was born Feb. 24,
1825 (in England)

Martha Bradley was born Sept 9, 1825 (in England)
Maryann Hinchliff was born Nov. 22, 1848
    (in England)
Hannah Hinchliff was born August 5, 1850, at
Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

James Hirichliff was born June 14, 1852,
    (in England)
Martha Nancy Hinchliff was born July 25,

Charles N. Hinchliff was born Dec. 51, 1856, at
Sturgis, MichiBan

Edward H. Hinchliff was born Sept. 20, 1859
at Virginia, Case Co., Illinois


 L. Roy and Henry Butler were born
Jan. 9, 1869, at Virginia, Cass Co., Illinois. (Henry- stillborn)

Fred Butler was born June 15, 1870, at
Virginia, Illinois

Nellie Butler was born July 29, 1875 at
  Virginia, Illinois
Edna Butler was born August 16, 1880, at
    Spangle, Washington
Adah Butler was born Nov. 20, 1884, at
  Spangle, Washington
Dot Butler was born June 5, 1887, at Spangle,

Thomas Butler died July 4, 1884, at Virginia, Casu Co., Illinois

Janet Turner Butler died April 25, 1900, at Spangle, Washington

John Benton Butler died Jan. 25, 1924 in Spokane, Washington

Hannah Hinchliff Butler died Nov. 9, 1956, at Spokane, Washington

L. Roy Butler died Feb. 9, 1869, at Virginia, Illinois

Fred Butler died Oct. 9, 1874, at Virginia, Illinois

Nellie Butler died Dec. 25, 1878, at Siusun, Calif.

Dot Butler died Dec. 10, 1900, at Spangle, Washington

Helen Slate died Dec. 6, 1916, at Spokane, Washington

Adah Butler Began died Dec. 5, 1967, at Spokane, Washington

Edna Butler Slate died April 20, 1970, at Spokane, Washington

Edwin Victor Slate died November 21, 1970, at Portland, Oregon


Henry Hinchliff died Oct. 4, 1865, (brought home from Army service in Civil War)

Martha Hinchliff Smith died July 19, 1897, at Spangle, Washington
(Martha Smith was the widow of Henry Hinchliff. Married James W. Smith at Virginia, Ill.)

James W. Smith died Oct. 19, l896, in Spangle, Washington