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1754           History           French and Indian War.

1780           History           Battle of King's Mountain.

1782           Tax list          King George County, VA, J. Butler.  Also listed are Stephen 
                                 Bailey, J. Bailey and Js. Bailey.

1783           History           Three counties establishing the state of Franklin.

Oct 22, 1783   Land Grants       John Butler, N.C. Private received 228 acres for            
                                 service in the Revolutionary war.

Apr 6, 1784    History           Jasper Butler of Davidson Co., N.C. appointed an            
                                 attorney (Davidson County included the area which latter
                    		 became Jackson County, TN.

Apr 23, 1784   History           Revolutionary war warrant 660.  John Franks, private in     
                                 the line of this state, 640 acres.  158 acres sold to
                                 Edward Butler.

Apr 22, 1785   Land Grants       Edward Butler, N.C. Sergeant received 1000 acres for       
                                 service in the Revolutionary war (ref).

1790           History           William Blount commissioned as Governor of the United
                                 States territory south of the Ohio River.

Jun 9, 1794    Act               Act involving revoluntionary boundy land grants in the
                                 VA Military District.  U.S. Statutes at Large, 1 Stat.

Jul 13, 1795   Report            First mention of Fort Blount in a letter from Governor      
                                 Blount to General James Robertson (ref).

Jun 1, 1796    Act               Act involving revoluntionary boundy land grants.  U.S.
                                 Statutes at Large, 1 Stat. 490.

Jun 1, 1796    Report            Tennessee became a separate state.                         

Summer 1797    Report            Major portion of a large body of Federal soldiers,          
                                 principally companies of the 4th Regiment of Infantry,
                                 under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas S.
                                 Butler, arrived in Nashville, then traveled overland to
                                 East TN where stationed at Fort Southwest Point (ref).

Aug 8, 1797    Report            Colonel Butler's troops mustered at a camp near             
                                 Knoxvile.  Some of the men were left sick at Fort
                                 Blount.  The muster rolls show that Edward Butler was a
                                 Captain in the 4th Regiment of Infantry, mustered
                                 August 4, 1797 for the period May 28, 1797 to July 31,
                                 1797 (ref).

Feb 14, 1798   Letter            Lt. Col. Thomas Butler writing from Knoxville as            
                                 "commanding in TN".  Refers to numerous frauds of
                                 William Terrell in obtaining warrants & grants within
                                 boundary reserved for officers & soldiers of the NC
                                 Continental line.  Also other letters re Judge
                                 Campbell's complaint and access to lands (ref).

Sep 18, 1798   Letter            Zachariah Cox was a leader of a formation of the TN         
                                 Company which purchased 3 million acres from Georgia
                                 (now Alabama) know as "the first Yazoo sale".  Pres.
                                 Washington opposed and Col Thomas Butler prevented
                                 Cox's flotilla from passing down the Nolachucky River
                                 from his garrison at Southwest Point (ref).

Oct 2, 1798    History           Abs from article written by J. George Morgan entitled,           
                                 "Putnam County, Its History and Resources" published in
                                 the Cookeville Courier in 1890 as referenced by Lewis
                                 K. Smith in 1938.  States that Col. Thomas Butler
                                 signed treaty, who was grandfather of Thos. H. Butler,
                                 Sec of State.  J. Morgan's first wife was Mary Ann
                                 Butler, mother of Daniel Harvey, Mamie and Edgar
                                 Morgan (ref).

Oct 2, 1798    Treaty            Treaty between Cherokee and Col. Thomas Butler & Capt.       
                                 George Walton.

Apr 1799       Arch. Rpt         Zacharial Butler listed as a private in Capt. Richard
                                 Spark's Company, III Regiment of Infantry, mustered by
                                 Liet. Col. Thomas F. Butler at pg. 481.  Corp. Page
                                 Butler in Capt. Robert Thomson's Company, IV Regiment
                                 of Infantry, also musted by Liet. Col. Butler (ref).

May-Oct 1800   Arch. Rpt         Corp. Page Butler and Prv. Zachariah Butler in Capt.
                                 Peter Grayson's Company, IV Regiment of Infantry (ref).

Feb 5, 1800    Letter            Letter from Thomas Butler, Lt. Col. to James McHenry,       
                                 Sec. of War.  It appears that Thomas Butler provided
                                 background information and a statement of his
                                 understanding of the Tellico Treaty regarding a road
                                 call "the South West Point Road."  Refers to Judge
                                 Walton who apparently also negociated the treat with
                                 Butler (ref).

Jul 8, 1800    Letter            Letter from Colonel Thomas Butler from Knoxville re         
                                 suspected murder by Cherokee of Mr. Kilpatrick's son
                                 and a young man named Kyzer (ref).

Nov 6, 1801    Petition          Jackson County establish from Smith County.

1802           Tax               List of taxable property & polls in Capt Davis's            
                                 Company for 1802.  Taken by James Butler, Esq.  Shows
                                 James Butler 200 Clinch 1.  Fn "One of the first
                                 justices of the peace and formely captain, Knox County
                                 militia, 1799; probably the James Butler who died 1803,
                                 with administration granted to 'Elizabeth Butler widow
                                 and relict.'  Minutes, March 9, 1802, September 12,
                                 1803; Moore, Commissions, 21." (ref).

1803           Petition          Legislative petition to change the county boarder with      
                                 Smith county.  Signed by at least 100 petitioners
                                 including William and Welcome Butler.

1803           Tax List          James Butler listed in Capt Hay's District (ref).                 

1803           Book              Edward Butler (1763-1803) was a native of Mt. Pleasant,     
                                 PA; at 15 an ensign in his brother Richard's regiment,
                                 9th PA; Capt. on St. Clair's expedition of 1791, where
                                 Richard a major-general was killed; promoted to
                                 lieutenant Jan 28, 1779, and adjutant & inspector of
                                 Army 1793-4.  In 1799 stationed at Tellico Blockhouse
                                 under older brother Lt. Col. Thomas.  Close friend with
                                 Andrew Jackson who took children out of request from
                                 widow Isabelle Aug 3, 1803, "You have no doubt heard
                                 and felt for the loss myself and little family have
                                 sustain'd by the death of the best Husbands and
                                 Fathers... I beg your assistance.  My dear children
                                 wants a guardian and you are their choice." (ref).

Mar 3, 1803    Act               Act involving revoluntionary boundy land grants.  U.S.
                                 Statutes at Large, 2 Stat. 236.

1805           Report            Treaty of Tellico whereby the Cherokee lands separating     
                                 East and Middle TN were ceded to the US, opening up the
                                 entire Upper Cumberland region for white settlement.
                                 During this same year, the Fort Blount area was shifted
                                 from Smith to Jackson County.

Oct 27, 1805   Letter            Treaty with Cherokees at Tellico in which the section       
                                 of land at Southwest Point, extending to Kingston, was
                                 ceded.  Col. Thomas Butler, in charge of the Federal
                                 military force had a dispute with Benjamin Hawkins over
                                 the right to use the ferry. (ref).

Dec 9, 1805    Land Grants       John Butler, N.C. Private received 640 acres for            
                                 service in the Revolutionary war.

1806           Court             James Fulkerson, Daniel Molly, Wm. Hudspeth and James       
                                 Roulstone appointed Justices by the Engrossed Bills,
                                 1806.  Original located in TSLA.

Feb 11, 1806   History           Revolutionary war warrant, John Butler, private in N.C.     
                                 Cont. line, of Bertie Co., N.C., assigned warrant to
                                 William White.  John Johnston witness.  Warrant issued
                                 Dec 20, 1805.

Apr 15, 1806   Act               Act involving revoluntionary boundy land grants.  U.S.
                                 Statutes at Large, 2 Stat. 378.

Mar 19, 1810   Estate Papers     William Ford petition to be released from bond for          
                                 Sarah Ford's performance as administrator of Levi
                                 Ford's estate.  [Herbert Russ thinks that Levi Ford was
                                 old man Bailey Butler's father-in-law]. (ref).

1810           Census            1810 Census index of TN, most of record was destroyed.      
                                 Shows only 1 Butler, John of Grainer Co.

Jun 19, 1810   Land              John Butler .. 70 ac on Mill Cr .. 19 Jun 1810.  Sur        
                                 rtd 19 Apr 1811 by John Murray, DS (ref).

Oct 24, 1810   Land              Bailey Butler ase of James Cook ase of Sampson William      
                                 ex. to Peter Turney, dec. .. 60 acs .. dry fork of Mill
                                 Cr .. 24 Oct 1810 (ref).

1811           Passport          John Butler has been captured and J. Grubb, citizen of      
                                 Penn sends letter explaining that John needs to return
                                 to France, where to forturn of his children depends
                                 upon his presence because their mother "having suffered
                                 under the guillotine".  The letter is addressed to
                                 "Sir" and may be to some minister of France? (ref)

Jan 14, 1811   Land              Bailey Butler .. 90 acs on S side of Cumberland about       
                                 1-1/2 mi above mouth of Mill Cr .. John Black's upper
                                 corner.  14 Jan 1811.  Sur rtd 19 Apr 1811 by John
                                 Murray, DS (ref).

Sep 19, 1811   Land              John Butler .. 10 acs .. Waters of Mill Cr .. 19 Sep        
                                 1811 (ref).

Mar 27, 1812   Land              Bailey Butler .. one ac .. on the first Caney branch        
                                 that runs into the dry fork of Mill Cr above its mouth
                                 on the east side .. 27 Mar 1812; one ac .. dry fork of
                                 Mill Cr .. including salt petre cave; one ac .. dry
                                 fork of Mill Cr .. salt petre cave found by sd Butler
                                 and Jas. Robertson and worked at by them and others (ref).

Apr 18, 1812   Land              Bailey Butler .. 40 acs .. N side of Cumberland ..          
                                 above Samuel Kirkpatrick's .. including an improvement
                                 where Richard Gordon now lives. 19 Apr 1812 (ref).

Oct 8, 1812    Land              Peter Petre .. one ac .. waters of Mill Cr near             
                                 improvement made by William Holliday and now claimed by
                                 John Butler .. 8 Oct 1812.  Levi Roden, Loc (ref).

Oct 15, 1812   Land              Thomas Butler .. acs .. on dry fork of Mill Cr adj John     
                                 Baker's east boundary of the tract whereon he now
                                 lives; 10 acs .. on dry fork of Mill Cr adj James
                                 William's west boundary of the tract where he now
                                 lives (ref).

Oct 15, 1812   Land              Bailey Butler .. 31 acs .. on west fork of Mill Cr ..       
                                 15 Oct 1812 (ref).

Nov 14, 1812   Land              Bailey Butler .. 40 acs .. west fork of Mill Cr .. adj      
                                 his own .. to incl the bottom land (ref).

Nov 16, 1812   Land              Thomas Butler .. 20 acs .. on the dry fork of Mill Cr       
                                 .. adj his own (ref).

Nov 16, 1812   Land              Edmund Butler .. 20 acs .. on Turkey Cr .. adj Bailey       
                                 Butler (ref).

Nov 16, 1812   Land              Thomas Butle .. 10 acs .. on dry fork of Mill Cr .. adj     
                                 James Williams tract he now lives on (ref).

Nov 21, 1812   Land              John Payton SR .. 39 acs near the line of Jackson Co ..     
                                 waters of Mill Cr about half a mile above John Butler's
                                 improvement .. to incl mouth of a salt petre came ..
                                 found by Peter Petre .. where there are seven furnaces
                                 now worked by a number of hands being cave John Payton
                                 JR purchased of Bailey Butler (ref).

Dec 9, 1812    Land              Bailey Butler .. 10 acs .. west fork of Mill Cr .. Beg      
                                 on Jonathon Smith's east boundary (ref).

Dec 9, 1812    Land              Thomas Butler & Bailey Butler .. 5 acs .. west fork of      
                                 Mill Cr.(ref)

Dec 10, 1812   Muster            Edmund Butler shown as a priv on muster roll of Cpat.       
                                 John Moore's Company of Infantry, 1 Regt. TN Vol, Col
                                 William Hall from Sumner Co., War of 1812.  Engaged for
                                 1 year and shown missing before Dec 10th. (ref).

Dec 31, 1812   Land              John C. McLemore .. 3 acs .. Mill Cr of Cumberland ..       
                                 corner of John Butler's tract whereon he now lives
                                 being tract he purchased of James Cooke .. in incl salt
                                 petre cave found by David Green living in the
                                 neighborhood (ref).

Jan 8, 1813    Land              Eli Langford .. one ac .. Petre's Br of west fork of        
                                 Mill Cr .. path leading from Peter Petre's to Bailey
                                 Butler's old works (ref).

Apr 5, 1813    Land              Edmund Butler .. 5 acs .. waters of Dry Cr .. to incl       
                                 cave lately found by sd Butler and Archibald Wood (ref).

Jul 24, 1813   Land              Bailey Butler .. 20 acs .. waters of Knob Cr .. first       
                                 main fork below Huff's old cave (ref).

Jun 30, 1813   Land              Edmund Butler .. 2 acs .. waters of Knob Cr a small         
                                 distance above a .. cave formerly worked by James
                                 Moore (ref).

Jun 30, 1813   Land              John Butler .. 20 acs .. waters of Cumberland .. Samuel     
                                 Kendall's line .. east with Black's line ..Sylvanus
                                 Fowler, Loc (ref).

Oct 4, 1813    Muster Roll       Bailey Butler, Capt., appt or enlisted Oct 4, 1813,         
                                 commanded by John K. Wynne.  Engaged Jan 4, 1814.
                                 Price Butler as Liut. and Edmund Butler as Ensign,
                                 William Butler as Private, on furlough - wounded Nov 9,
                                 1813.  Handwritten note states that Wm is nephew.  War
                                 of 1812 Muster roll.

Oct 4, 1813    Military          Muster role of 1st Regiment (Wynne's) West TN Militia,      
                                 War of 1812.  Edmund Butler listed on company pay roll
                                 for term of 3 months as an ensign in Capt. Bailey
                                 Butler's Company of Infantry, Col. J.K. Wynne.

Nov 4, 1813    Land              James Butler & Abram Swagerty .. 4 acs .. south side of     
                                 Cumberland .. branch known as Hill's branch .. the
                                 Royal Cave (ref).

Nov 5, 1813    Land              James Butler & Samuel Kirkpatrick .. 2 acs .. on the        
                                 Lick fork of Webster's Cr; .. 2acs .. dry fork of
                                 Brimstone Cr .. to incl cave found by sd Kirkpatrick &
                                 Butler (ref).

Apr 19, 1814   Deed              Assignment from John Bustenton to John Butler of 70         
                                 acres in 1st Dist. on Mill Creek.  Next to 640 acres
                                 granted to William Lytle Jun. and also near property of
                                 William McComas.  Cert. 5520, NC Warrant 4580.

Mar 23, 1814   Land              William Gray .. 30 acs .. Cameron's branch of Roaring R     
                                 .. adj John McGee .. to incl an improvement where
                                 Thomas Butler now lives (ref).

Oct 10, 1814   Cert.             Assignment of Robert Learcy to Samuel Moore, Edmund         
                                 Butler, James Butler & Isaac Price 9 acres, lying on
                                 the waters of the 2nd branch between the mouth of
                                 Websters Creek, South side of Cumberland, in the 1st
                                 Dist.  Cert. 1522, 10,955 (ref).

Nov 3, 1814    Cert.             Assignment from Thos. Dillon to Edward Butler 20 acres      
                                 on Turkey Creek, north of Bailey Butler.  Recorded 24
                                 Jan 1857.  Cert. 72218 (ref).

Feb 9, 1815    Land              John Butler .. 10 acs .. Wet fork of Mill Cr .. adj         
                                 Joseph Martin's southeast corner .. joining George
                                 Alexander (ref).

Feb 10, 1815   Deed              Eight grants to Bailey Butler in 1812 but seal is not       
                                 affixed until Feb 10, 1815 on 6 and Feb 25, 1824 on the
                                 other two.  The 8 deeds total 200 acres, with 160 on
                                 the West fork of Mill Creek and 40 on Brimstone Creek.
                                 Neighbors includes James Martin, Smith Survey, John
                                 Black, Johathan Smith, on the Mill Creek property and
                                 Emmanuel Holmes on the Brimstone Creek property.  Cert.
                                 6586, 6584, 6585, 21507 (ref).

Mar 10, 1815   Deed              Assignment from Peter Turny of 60 acres to Price Butler     
                                 in 1st Dist. in the Dry Fork of Mill Creek.  Cert.
                                 4764, 351 to Peter (ref).

May 10, 1815   Land              Bailey Butler .. 2acs .. north side of Cumberland near      
                                 head of Turkey Cr. (ref).

May 10, 1815   Land              Thomas Butler & Bailey Butler .. 5 acs .. dry fork of       
                                 Mill Cr .. 3/4 mile from Messer's (?) old cave.  B.
                                 Butler, Loc. (ref).

Aug 14, 1815   Land              Bailey Butler .. 20 acs .. south side of Brimstone Cr       
                                 .. on Emanuel Home's north boundary. (ref).

Oct 24, 1815   Act               William E. Butler and others appointed trustees for         
                                 Bradley academy (ref).

Apr 25, 1816   Deed              Assignment from Lawrence Rames to John Butler of 10         
                                 acres in 1st Dist. on the waters of Mill Creek.
                                 Beginning on Archibald Lytles west boundary. Cert.
                                 5520, NC Warrant 4580.

Aug 19, 1816   Land              James Butler & Thomas Ryal .. 9 acs .. on Brimstone Cr      
                                 .. near William Chissum's (ref).

Oct 12, 1816   Affidavit         Aff of Welcome Usery who states that William Butler was     
                                 wounded and is unable to labor since that time.

Oct 23, 1816   Affidavit         Aff of John K Wynne, C. Cor first reg, WTN, states that     
                                 William Butler was a private in his Regiment and was
                                 wounded in the Battle of Talledeger.

Nov 27, 1816   Land              James Butler & Thomas Ryal .. 9 acs .. on Brimstone Cr      
                                 adj Samuel Moore's upper line.  William Butler, Loc. (ref).

Sep 2, 1817    History           James Butler and wife Margaret assign warrant 257           
                                 (3318) to John Roberts & heirs/assigns.  Originally
                                 issued to Heirs of William Herbert, sergeant, 1000
                                 acres on 27 Nov 1816 (ref).

Sep 13, 1817   Land              Thomas Butler & Bailey Butler .. 5 acs .. wet fork of       
                                 Mill Cr.  B. Butler, Loc. (ref).

Oct 6, 1817    Acts              Calling for vote on whether county seat should remain       
                                 at Williamsburg.  Commissioners appointed to build a
                                 court house, prison and stocks.  First commissioners
                                 were Philip Mulky, Thomas Butler, William Scantling,
                                 James Perry, Joseph Hawkins, James Vance, Alexander
                                 Keith, Esq., James W. Smith and William Rash, Esq. (ref).

Oct 6, 1817    Act               Thomas Butler, Phillip Mulky, William Scantling, James      
                                 Perry, Joseph Hawkins and others appointed
                                 commissioners to move county seat from Williamsburg to
                                 the centre.  Commissioners to advertise in the Carthage
                                 Gazette and Knoxville Register.  Public buildings to be
                                 erected, including court house, prison and stocks (ref).

Nov 10, 1819   Pension           William Hill certifies that the muster roll of the          
                                 North Carolina Contenental ? for the Revolution War
                                 shows a Charles Butler, private in Capt. Euloes Company
                                 of the 5th Regt. was mustered on Apr 20, 1770 for 2 1/2
                                 years and was discharged on Nov 10, 1778.

Nov 22, 1819   Deed              Land Warrant originally to Daniel Harrison, transfered      
                                 first to Eil Cherry and later to William E. Butler for
                                 274 acres.  No location given. Cert. 280.

Feb 28, 1820   Deed              Order to survey for heirs of James Butler, a private, a     
                                 tract of 640 acres within limits of the Continental
                                 line.  Cert. 309.

1820           Case              Cyrus Butler of Providence named in an appeal to the        
                                 U.S. Supreme Court regarding contract to provide the
                                 Republic of Chile with "a quanity of military stores"
                                 which had been assigned to Cyrus.

Jul 25, 1820   Act               Chairman of county directed to convey title to Edward       
                                 Butler of 170 acres on White's creek, which land was
                                 previously purchased by the county court for a poor

Jan 1, 1822    Bible             Mary daughter of M & E Gore and wife of T.H. Butler was      
                                 born Jan 1, 1822 and died Jul 9, 1857.

Aug 17, 1822   Act               William E. Butler and others appointed commissioners        
                                 for the town of Jackson (ref).

Oct 24, 1822   Land              William E. Butler and wife Patsy T. of Madison Co. to       
                                 Abraham Goodpasture and William Williard of Overton 49
                                 acres in Overton.

Oct 25, 1822   Land              Bailey Butler .. 2 acs .. dry fork of Mill Cr .. near       
                                 fork of the creek where James Williams now lives.  G.S.
                                 Butler, Loc. (ref).

Nov 25, 1822   Land              Reece V. Morrall .. 2 acs . Sugar Cr.  Price Butler,        
                                 Loc.; 2 acs .. on a branch of Sugar Cr .. a branch
                                 formerly called Murray's mill seat.  Price Butler, Loc. (ref).

Feb 12, 1823   Ranger Book       Thomas Butler Jr. 1 black mare. (ref).                              

Apr 30, 1823   Land              Thomas Scanland, James Hogland, Robert Jennings &           
                                 Daniel Hogland .. 5 acs .. south bank of Sugar Cr.
                                 Price Butler, Loc. (ref).

Nov 8, 1825    Affidavit         Francis S. Kermer & Nathan Montgomery physicians            
                                 examined William Butler who received a ball in the
                                 back, left side of the last dorsal vertebra and after
                                 being in him for about two years was extracted from the
                                 inside of the left thigh about midway between the knee
                                 & the hip joint.  He is disabled.

Nov 8, 1825    Affidavit         Aff of Bailey Butler stating that he is acquainted with     
                                 William Butler "and has been from his infancy-- he has
                                 resided in Jackson County ever since the year
                                 1800...And that he received his cash payment forhis
                                 services in the Creek War in the month of September
                                 1814.  Witnessed by Amos Kirkpatrick, JP.

Nov 26, 1825   Act               Wm. E. Butler and others appointed trustees of the          
                                 Jackson Female Academy in Jackson (ref).

Aug 8, 1826    Affidavit         Surgeons' certification that William Butler, private        
                                 shot in the back on 9 Nov 1813 in the Battle against
                                 the Creek Indians near Talladega, now Alabama.

Aug 29, 1826   Deed              Grant to James Kirkpatrick of 50 acres on north side of     
                                 Cumberland in Turkey Creek.  Including the house spring
                                 and improvements whereon John Butler now lives.  Cert.

Sep 12, 1826   Pension           William Butler first placed on the pension role for his     
                                 wounds in the Battle of Tallego.

Feb 23, 1827   Deed              Deed to Welcome Butler for 50 acres on the South side       
                                 of the Cumberland, next to John Black, Samuel Kendall
                                 and near the Cumberland.  Cert. 3906, 3904.

Nov 7, 1827    Deed              Grant to George T. Butler 100 acres on South side of        
                                 Cumberland on the Dry Fork of Mill Creek.  Near John
                                 Peyton, improvement where William Lovell formerly lived
                                 and where William Roden now lives, also said Butler's
                                 Sugar Camps on the Caney Branch.

Nov 13, 1827   Ranger Book       Taken up by George T. Butler 1 white sow (ref).                    

Nov 13, 1827   Ranger Book       Taken up by baby Butler 1 hog (ref).               

Nov 13, 1827   Deed              Grant to Thomas Butler of 320 acres on the West fork of     
                                 Mill Creek.  Surved Apr 7, 1826.  Next to Erasmus Ford
                                 and, John Black and George Blackamore.  Cert. 7288,

Nov 24, 1827   Act               William E. Butler and others appointed managers of          
                                 lotteries for canal from Hatchee to Mississippi (ref).

1828                             Andrew Jackson became the 7th President.
1830           Census            List surnames by first letter and not by household            
                                 visited.  Butlers are listed as follows: John,
                                 Bailey(old), William, Bailey, James,    Welcome, James,
                                 Thomas, James B., George, Lear?. (missing Ben J., Thos,
                                 Thomas) (ref).  State wide index shows 113 Butler families
                                 with 14 in Jackson Co.

Jan 22, 1830   Legislature       James Young, Richard F. Cook, David Cox, David Griffith     
                                 and Bailey Butler, commissioners divide Jackson Co.
                                 into 15 Districts.

Feb 15, 1830   Bond              Bond of Bailey Butler and George T. Hale for $1250,          
                                 there be no lawful objection why the above Bailey
                                 Butler and Polly Stafford should be joined together in
                                 holy matrimony (ref).

May 30, 1830   Act               Act involving revoluntionary boundy land grants.  First
                                 script act.  U.S. Statutes at Large, 4 Stat. 422.

Dec 24, 1830   Marriage          James Butler married Matilda Bell.  Bondsman: Wm.           
                                 Caldwell, m. by Sam'l Davis, J.P.

Dec 15, 1831   Acts              James W. Smith, Bailey Butler, Senior of Jackson County     
                                 appointed with Alvin Cullom and William Dale of Overton
                                 County to Board of Internal Improvement for both
                                 counties.  Given powers of the Board for the Caney
                                 Fork.  Appropriated $1,479 out of $3,233 in the
                                 improvement of the navigation of Obed's river in
                                 Overton County (ref).

Dec 16, 1831   Act               Thomas Butler, Sen'r., William Butler, James Gilbreath      
                                 & Meriman Rector now boring for salt water in east part
                                 of Morgan Co. (ref).

Jun 9, 1832    Ranger Book       James Butler one sow (ref).                                        

Jul 13, 1832   Act               Act involving revoluntionary boundy land grants.
                                 Script act.  U.S. Statutes at Large, 4 Stat. 578.

Aug 14, 1832   Deed              Thomas H. Butler witnesses a deed.                           

Oct 20, 1832   Acts              Baily Butler and Henry Sadler appointed to Board of         
                                 Internal Improvement for the County of Jackson.  County
                                 court of Jackson may direct Board to pay funds to the
                                 School Commissioners (ref).

Mar 2, 1833    Act               Act involving revoluntionary boundy land grants. U.S.
                                 Statutes at Large, 4 Stat. 665.

Nov 4, 1833    Act               Robert Butler and others appointed in connection with       
                                 the Atlantic and Mississippi rail road co, formerly the
                                 Memphis rail road company (ref).

Apr 8, 1834    Deed              Grant to James Butler & Thomas Ryal 9 acres dated Dec       
                                 29, 1817.  Recorded on Apr 8, 1834.  Located in the 1st
                                 Dist on Brimstone Creek.  Cert. 26316, 2421; No. 17900

Aug 22, 1834   Ranger Book       Wm Butler 4 head of hogs (ref).                                  

Jan 27, 1835   Act               Act involving revoluntionary boundy land grants. Script
                                 act.  U.S. Statutes at Large, 4 Stat. 749.

Feb 10, 1835   Deed              Thomas H. Butler witnesses a deed.                           

Mar 3, 1835    Act               Act involving revoluntionary boundy land grants. Script
                                 act.  U.S. Statutes at Large, 4 Stat. 770.

Oct 20, 1836   Passport          Letter from George B. Butler, attorney, to John             
                                 Forsyth, Secretary of State, for a passport application
                                 for Anguste R. Herist? (ref).

May 2, 1837    Deed              Thomas Butler witnesses a deed as Commissioner for           
                                 Jackson County.

Nov 23, 1837   Court file        Needham Apple & wife Elizabeth v. Thomas H. Butler &        
                                 wife et al.  Elizabeth (widow of Johnathan Holford),
                                 sought dower in land given by John Holford to his widow
                                 Sally, mother of Johnathan.  Johnathan died approx 10
                                 years (approx. 1823), before his mother Sally who died
                                 approx. 4 years before (approx. 1833).  Johnathan's
                                 heirs included Elizabeth and Sarah, married to Thomas
                                 H. Butler and Mary, married to Jackson C. Apple.

Dec 8, 1837    Appeal            Lucy Usury issued judgment against James Sen and Bailey     
                                 Jun Butler.  File contains appeal to the Tennesse
                                 Supreme Court (ref).

Jan 2, 1838    Postal            Thos K. H. Poteet appointed as postmaster of Butler's       
                                 Landing.  List other postmasters as well (ref).

Jan 22, 1838   Act               William Butler and others appointed to turnpike             
                                 company (ref).

Jan 25, 1838   Act               Wm. E. Butler and others appointed directors of the         
                                 Ashport turnpike company (ref).

May 27, 1839   Passport          Passports granted to Edward Butler, wife Child & ?, age     
                                 30 and 5' 6" tall (ref).

Jan 9, 1840    Ranger Book       John P. Butler paid Wm $1.50 for hogs (ref).                       

Apr 8, 1840    Ranger Book       Baley Butler 4 hogs (ref).                                         

Aug 26, 1841   Suit              Bailey Butler Jr. et al v. Lucy Ursery et al.  James (d      
                                 1857 I believe 1837) husband to Frances and father to
                                 Bailey Jr.  Also names Wm. age 50 on Jun 29, 1846,
                                 Welcome age 49 on Apr 13, 1846, John, Thomas Jr. Sarah
                                 married to Wm Kendall, Mary married to Wm Surgeant,
                                 Margaret, Sidater? married to Joel Rich, son of John
                                 Rich who was age 52 on Aug 27, 1845 (ref).

Sep 1841       Letter            Letter to Wm Sand Tunney??, senator from B Butler Sen,      
                                 Elijah Gaddis, Welcome Butler, Bailey Butler Jr,
                                 William Butler, Thomas H. Butler, Drusmus Denton, and
                                 others.  Instructs the sentor to vote for "two well
                                 known and approved whigs as Senators in Congress from
                                 this State and that giving your vote... general support
                                 of the Whig party in the Legislature." (ref).

Nov 2, 1841    Abs Ct Minutes    Bailey Butler, Jr. et al. v Lucy Usery et al. pg. 30         

Nov 2, 1841    Abs Ct Minutes    Bailey Butler, others appointed to lay off McColgin's       
                                 share... adj Welcome Butler ... pgs 27-28.

May 1842       Suit              Welcome Butler died in May 1849.  Suit of John Butler        
                                 v. Susan Butler, William Butler, Bailey Butler, William
                                 Sarjeant & Mary his wife, William Kendall & Sarah his
                                 wife, Doctor Head & Siothy his wife, Thomas Butler &
                                 Erwin F. Langford.  In Welcome's will dated Jan 22,
                                 1838 leaving all of his property to Susan.

Jul 27, 1842   Act               Act involving revoluntionary boundy land grants. Could
                                 be used for any public land for sale in public domain.
                                 U.S. Statutes at Large, 5 Stat. 497.

Sep 20, 1842   Estate            Will of Bailee Butler.  Son Franklin W. Butler "having      
                                 left the state and left me bound as his security for a
                                 larger amount fully sufficient to make out his share of
                                 my property it is therefore my will that he have
                                 nothing more."  Lot of land in the town and of Turkey
                                 Creek Bottom given to Thomas H.  Other estate
                                 documents. (ref).

Sep 20, 1842   Suit              Bailey Butler died shortly after he made his will.           
                                 Suit of Samuel Fowler & wife Adaline v Polly Butler,
                                 Thomas H. Butler, Franklin W. Butler, Lucetta Butler,
                                 Erasmus Denton, L.L. Butler, Marium Butler, Lusanna
                                 Butler, John L. Butler, Martha Butler, Bailey Butler.

Apr 29, 1843   Ranger Book       Thomas J. Butler 2 steers.   (ref).           

Mar 25, 1844   Affidavit         Aff of William Butler who states that his name was          
                                 placed on pension role on 12 Sep 1826.  He intends to
                                 move to Franklin Co. because the country there is
                                 newer, the range is better, land is cheaper and he
                                 thinks that he can better his condition and family
                                 there.  Attested by James Kirkpatrick who is acquainted
                                 with William Butler.   (ref).

May 8, 1844    Abs Ct Minutes    Fowlers v. Polly Butler, Thomas H. Butler, Franklin W.       
                                 Butler, Lucetta Butler, Erasmus Denton, S.L. Butler,
                                 Marium Butler, Susanna Butler, John L. Butler, Martha
                                 Butler and Bailey Butler.

Jul 2, 1844    Bible             Polly Gore (DOB Jan 1, 1822) married L.H. Butler.            

Jul 16, 1844   Pension           William atests that he was in the Company commanded by      
                                 Captain Baily Butler in the Regiment under Col. J.K.
                                 Winn.  His name has been on the pension role from which
                                 it has recently been transferred to Ill. to which state
                                 he expected to remove at the time the application.  Now
                                 intends to stay in Jackson.  Appeared before Lawrence
                                 M. Anderson, JP.   (ref).

Nov 27, 1844   Ranger Book       Thomas Butler 7 calfs.   (ref).                                       

Jun 1, 1845    WPA               Mary Ann Butler Morgan b 1 Jun 1845 d 6 May 1883, wife      
                                 of George Hampton Morgan and mother of George Edgar
                                 Morgan b 30 Jun 1878 d 2 Feb 1906.   (ref).

Jun 1, 1845    Bible             Mary Ann Butler Morgan was born Jun 1, 1845 and died         
                                 May 6, 1883.

Aug 20, 1845   Will              Baile Butler's will.  Daughter Adeline Fowler, son           
                                 Franklin W. Butler, son Thomas H. Butler, daughter
                                 Lucetia Butler.  Wife Polly Butler

Nov 18, 1845   Court             Answer of Thomas H. Butler to complaint filed by James      
                                 Tinsley.  This appears to be a transcript by Landon
                                 which he made from documents which were not destroyed
                                 by the fire and were not part of the Chancery Court
                                 Clerk's records.  Other court records included as well.

Jan 28, 1846   Ranger Book       John Butler.  (ref).

Jun 4, 1846    History           History of Melissa Ellen Davis, married to Wm Sargant        
                                 on Jun 4, 1846.  Three children Welcome c.1847,
                                 Cynathia Ann c. 1849, Eliza Jane b. Oct 7, 1850 in
                                 Tenn.; Louise, Robert F. b. Apr 26, 1855 and Sarah
                                 Elizabeth May 7, 1862; John Harvey Apr 15, 1862 born in
                                 Ill.   (ref).

Jul 23, 1846   Suit              James Tinsley v. Thomas H. Butler.                           

Oct 12, 1846   Affidavit         B Butler certifies that William Butler was a private in     
                                 his company.  Fought in the battle of Talico on Nov 9,
                                 1813 and was wounded.  (ref).

1847           Book              Tannehill Lodge started in 1847 at Gainesboro.              
                                 Granville 342 failed, 1867-1895.

Aug 25, 1849   Deed              Grant to William Sergant & Thomas H. Butler 279 acres       
                                 on waters of Dry Fork of Mill Creek in Dist.  Near
                                 David Rose, James Tinsley and John Rose.  Cert. 9938.

May 26, 1850   Marriage          Copy of marriage record.  N.C. Butler and Jane Plumblee     
                                 married by F.W. Butler, JP.  N.C. Butler and O.J or T
                                 Butler are bound for $1250 on condition that there be
                                 no lawful objection. (Possibly because Jane was only

1850           Census            TN State prison inmate list shows James Butler age 31.      

July 1850      Abs Ct Minutes    John Butler v. Susan Butler, Wm Butler, Bailey Butler,       
                                 Wm Sargeant & Mary, Wm Kendall & Sarah, Dr. Head &
                                 Leothy, Thomas Butler and Erwin F. Langford.  Welcome
                                 Butler departed in May 1849.  Parties to suit are his
                                 wife and heirs.  Pgs 390-.

Jul 13, 1850   Suit              Court recinded sale of property by Susan Butler (widow     
                                 of Welcome) to Erwin F. Langford on Jan 23, 1941.
                                 Langford given lien and property apparently returned to
                                 Welcome's heirs, William, Bailey, William Sargeant &
                                 wife Mary, William Kindall & wife Sarah, Doctor Head &
                                 wife Leothy, and Thomas.  Langford appears on 1850
                                 Census age 47.   (ref).

Aug 10, 1850   Suit              Suit of Preston Leslie, adminstrator of Mounce Gore v.       
                                 David Flatt, Wm Gore, Eliza Gore, Paulina Gore, Mounce
                                 L. Gore, Samuel Gore, Mary Ann Butler, Wm. B. Butler,
                                 Mounce G. Butler, Elender Gore & Thomas H. Butler.
                                 Mary Ann Butler, Bailey Butler & Mounce G. Butler are
                                 the Children of Polly Butler, deceased, a sister of
                                 Andrew R. Gore, son of Mounce Gore.

Sep 7, 1850    Census            George Butler, age 22, student; J.W. Butler, age 21,        
                                 college student; Mahulda Butler, age 48, SC, and son
                                 James, age 27, TN.   (ref).

Sep 30, 1850   Census            Agriculture Census for 1850.  Copied from Microfilm.        
                                 Lists: William Butler, Thomas Butler, FW Butler, Thomas
                                 G. Butler, John P. Butler, Thos. Butler.

Nov 5, 1850    Affidavit         William Butler age 55, who was a private in the company       
                                 commanded by Captian Bailie Butler in the 1st Regiment
                                 of Tennesse Volunteers, commanded by Colonel I.K. Winn
                                 in the War of 1812.  States that he volunteered on ?
                                 Sep 1813 for three months.  Served two months and was
                                 honorably discharged at Fort Strather on ? Nov 1813 due
                                 to wounds received in the Battle at Talledega.  Makes
                                 declaration to obtain bounty land pursuant to Sep 28,
                                 1850 Act.  Also states that Wm is a pensioner under the
                                 Act of Apr 24, 1816.

Nov 5, 1850    Affidavit         Amos Kirkpatrick & William Hawkins were acquainted with      
                                 James Butler, married to Fanny for many years.  Also
                                 statement of William Butler and Bailie Butler that
                                 James Butler is the same who served in Captain James
                                 Bennet company in the 4th Rgt of Tenn Militia commanded
                                 by Col Steel in the War with Great Britain.

Nov 5, 1850    Affidavit         Fanny Butler, age 73, declares that she is the widow of      
                                 James, deceased who was a private in the company
                                 commanded by Captian James Bennet in the 4th Regiment
                                 of Tennessee Militia, commanded by Colonel Steele the
                                 war of 1812.  James was drafted in Jackson on ? Jan
                                 1814 for a term of 3 months.  Honorable discharged on ?
                                 Apr 1814.  Married in Buncombe Co., N.C. in 1793 by ?
                                 Newport, a regular minister of the Gospel.  Before
                                 married was Fanny Usry.  James died 1840 in Jackson.

Feb 6, 1851    Ct Report         George M. McWhiton? guardian of Samuel S. Butler, Mary       
                                 Anderson, Susan Hampton, John S. Butler, Bailey Butler
                                 and Martha Butler minor heirs of Bailey Butler dec.
                                 Reports that the guardian had purchased last term from
                                 Mary Anderson the tract of land mentioned in the
                                 petition for $800 which was paid from the funds
                                 belonging to said wards.

Jun 1, 1851    Voter list        Vol XIV No. 4: 1851 Jackson Co, TN Voters List.             
                                 District No. 7.  Welcom Butler, Thomas Butler Sr.,
                                 Thomas Butler Jr., L.B. Butler, F. M. Butler, John P.
                                 Butler.  Vol XV No. 1 (cont) District No. 17 William
                                 Butler, Bailey Butler.  Bailey Butler, Census Taker,
                                 certifies it is a true list of the voting population.
                                 976.8 B2U (Vol. 16 p. 32) Thomas Butler b. 14 Feb 1829
                                 m. Nancy Walker Butler 1828.  Vol. 13 p. 184: Bailey
                                 Butler petitions to divide Jackson Co into Civil
                                 districts.  p. 141 Lizzie Lucetta Butler md. W. H.
                                 Ragland 5 Sept 1879.  (ref).

Jun 21, 1851   Land Warr.        Original Military Bounty Land Warrant No. 10214 issued       
                                 to Fanny Butler, widow of James Butler, private in Capt
                                 Bennet's Company 4th Regt. Tennesee Militia, War 1812.

Jul 9, 1851    Bible             Polly G. Butler died Jul 9, 1851.                            

Dec 24, 1851   Suit              Zebulon Nettles v John Stafford, et al.  Various            
                                 pleadings regarding a suit to show that John Stafford
                                 was an illegitimate son of John Stafford and Anna

Jun 5, 1852    BKWT 5994         William Butler sells 40 acres to  Wallace H. Davis of        
                                 Johnson County, Ill.  SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of section
                                 29 Township 12S of Range 3E in Shawneetown, Ill.  Also
                                 includes a copy of the original land warrant.

Mar 20, 1852   Suit              Zebulon Nettles et al v. John Stafford, Polly Anderson,      
                                 Thomas H. Butler, Admn of Bailey Butler, decd.

Mar 22, 1852   Act               Act involving revoluntionary boundy land grants. Made
                                 warrents assignable.  U.S. Statutes at Large, 10 Stat.

Jun 9, 1852    Affidavit         Aff of Thomas H. Butler and Franklin W. Butler, sons of      
                                 Balie and Polly Butler.  Thomas H. was the exec of
                                 Balie's will.

Jun 14, 1852   Affidavit         Aff of Polly Anderson, widow of Bailey Butler (d 12 Oct     
                                 1842), who was a Capt in 1st TN Mil. comm by Col. John
                                 K. Wynne, mustered in last Oct 1813.  Married Bailey 15
                                 Feb 1830.  Later married Lawrence M. Anderson 19 Jul
                                 1846, who d 13 May 1868.

Jun 14, 1852   Affidavit         Aff of Polly Anderson, widow of Balie Butler who             
                                 commanded a company in the 1st Regiment Tenn Militia
                                 commanded by Col. John K. Wynne in the War of 1812.
                                 Husband volunteered and was mustered at Fayetteville,
                                 Tenn last of Oct 1813 and honorable dischared last of
                                 Jan 1814.  Married Balie in Jackson on Feb 15, 1830 by
                                 Maurice Gore, JP.  Name prior was Polly Stafford.
                                 Balie died Oct 12, 1842.  Remarried on Jul 19, 1846 to
                                 Lawrence M. Anderson who also died on may 13, 1848,
                                 leaving her a widow which she still remains.

Jul 9, 1852    Affidavit         Aff of Thomas H and Franklin W Butler, sons of Balie.       

Aug 31, 1852   Act               Act involving revoluntionary boundy land grants.
                                 Satisfied VA warrants and rel. claim to VA Military
                                 District.  U.S. Statutes at Large, 10 Stat. 143.

Nov 22, 1852   Affidavit         J.N. Pearce clerk of the county court was acting JP at       
                                 the time he acknowledged Fanny Butler's signature.
                                 States that the court is in Vienna, Illinios.

Nov 22, 1852   Affidavit         Fanny Butler's affidavit that she has assigned warrant       
                                 no. 10214 to William Butler of Johnson County, Il.
                                 Witnessed by William Usry and William P. Copland.  Also
                                 attested to by J.N. Pearce JP who states that he
                                 certifies that this is the identical Fanny to whom the
                                 warrant was given.   (ref).

Dec 6, 1852    Land Warr.        William Butler presented Military Bounty Warrant No.         
                                 10214 (org issued to Fanny Butler, widow of James), for
                                 SW of SW 1/4 of section 7, T7S, R2E containing 39
                                 12/100 acres.  Wm signed on Nov 29, 1852, and requests
                                 that the patent be sent to Shawneetown on Jan 1, 1853.   

1853           Tax List          Personal property tax list.  Arthur $100; Bayley $35;       
                                 D.K. $62; Frederick $161; John $56; Newton $61; William
                                 $76; Wm. S. $51. (Assessor's Book complied by Franklin
                                 Co. Gen. Soc.).

Nov 1, 1853    BLWT 5994         Cert for 40 acres SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of sec 29 T12S of        
                                 R3E Shawneetown.  Wm Butler assigns to Walker H. Davis.   (ref).

Nov 1, 1853    Warrant 10214     Warrant no. 10,214 for 40 acres issued to Fanny Butler,      
                                 widow of James Butler, private in Capt Bennets Company
                                 4th Reg. TN Militia War 1812.  SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of
                                 Section 7 in T7S of Range 2E at Shawneetown, IL
                                 containing 39 12/100 acres, which was assigned to
                                 William Butler.  See also 16,774 3 Dec 1850 and 57,158.

Nov 11, 1853   Pension           Nathan Montgomery & Will F. Plumlee, physicians,            
                                 certify that Oliver T. Butler labors from Ercaypalas
                                 and diarrhea.  Alphius Kendall and John Kendall also
                                 state ever since Oliver returned from Mexico except for
                                 a few months while he was absent from the country,
                                 Oliver has been in very feeble health.  When he
                                 returned in Aug 1848 he was not able to perform any
                                 labor for 12 months and continues afflicated with
                                 running sores.   (ref).

1854           Tax               William Butler, SW SW section 7 of T7 2R 39.12 acres        
                                 valued at $97 and taxed at .82.  Arthur L NW SW section
                                 13, 40 acres valued at $60, taxed .51.  Frederick SW SW
                                 section 13, 40 acres valued at $60, taxed .51.  Franklin Co., IL,
                                 Complied by Franklin Co. Gen. Soc.

Jan 2, 1854    Pension           Oliver T. Butler appears before Thomas D. Cassitty,         
                                 James Pharriss and Peter Cox, JP, who are satisfied
                                 that Oliver continues disabled.

Jan 2, 1854    Pension           John Scanland swears that Oliver T. Butler was left in      
                                 a hospital in Jalapa, Mexico for about 3 months.
                                 Oliver was unable to work for about 18 months or near
                                 two years after he returned from Mexico.

Mar 3, 1854    Legislature       Bill passed to build the Jennings and Line Creek            
                                 Turnpike from Gainseboro by the nearest and most direct
                                 route to KY boarder in the direction of Tompkinsville.
                                 Thomas H. Butler, William Plumlee and others appointed
                                 to incorporate.

May 24, 1854   Probate           Probate index of William Butler.  DOD May 24, 1854.          
                                 Other: Military Land Warrant # 10,214 in the name of
                                 Fanny Butler issued Dec 6, 1852.  Adm.: Couwood Davis?  (ref).

1854           Affidavit         Caywood Davis as administrator of the estate of William     
                                 Butler states that the estate is insolvent. [missing
                                 subsequent pages].

Jun 10, 1854   Bill              James Butler was an ordinary seaman on the U.S.             
                                 Independence in 1816 and was "ruptured on the right
                                 side".  Pension granted.   (ref).

Jul 7, 1854    Petition          Petition to sell real property of the estate of William     
                                 Butler.  Contains the published notice in the paper
                                 that William Butler's assets were insufficient to pay
                                 his debts.  Property of which William was seized was
                                 NW1/4 of SW 1/4 of section 7 T7S R2E also SW1/4 of SW
                                 1/4 section 7 T7S R2E containing 78 24/100 acres.  Adm.
                                 Caywood Davis.

Jul 15, 1854   Cert 17887        Deed from the U.S. of 39 acres to William Butler,            
                                 signed by President Franklin Pierce.  The NW 1/4 of the
                                 SW 1/4 of Section 7 Township 7S Range 2E in the
                                 District of lands subject to the sale at Shawneetown

1855           Church            Cumberland Presb. Church, Jackson County: Mary Ann          
                                 Butler died in 1855. p 65, Letter to editor from T. H.

Mar 3, 1855    Act               Act involving revoluntionary boundy land grants.
                                 Minimum 160 acres; King's Mtn and others made eligible.
                                 U.S. Statutes at Large, 10 Stat. 701.

Mar 31, 1855   BKWT 10214        Bounty Land Claim of Fanny Butler, widow of James.           
                                 Fanny was 77.  Treasury Dept document states that James
                                 entered service on Jan 28, 1814 and served until May
                                 10, 1814, when he was discharged.

Mar 31, 1855   Affidavit         Affidavit of Richmond Darwin, guardian to John S.            
                                 Butler age 20 & 6 months, Martha Butler age 13 and
                                 Bailie Butler age 12, minor heirs of Captian Bailie
                                 Butler, Husband to Polly, formerly Butler then Anderson
                                 and now Darwin.  Cap. Bailie commanded a company in the
                                 Regiment of Tenn Militia, commanded by Col. Wynne in
                                 the War of 1812. Other Bailie child is Susan age 19,
                                 married to Thomas Hampton.

Apr 2, 1855    Affidavit         Affidavit of Jsophenia (Cook) Butler, age 39 of               
                                 Franklin, declares that she is the widow of William
                                 Butler deceased who was a private in the company
                                 commanded by Captian Butler in the 1st Regiment,
                                 Tennessee Militia.  Volunteered at Jackson Co on or
                                 about Nov 20, 1813 for 3 months.  William died at his
                                 residence near Pope's Prairie, 10 miles SW of Benton on
                                 May 24, 1854.  Married William in Jackson Co Jan 27,
                                 1844 by Franklin Butler, JP.   (ref).

Apr 2, 1855    Affidavit         Affs of Amanda E G Gray & Dr. Benjamin W Popes who            
                                 state that Wm Butler died 24 May 1854.  Gray resides
                                 3/4 miles and stay up with family the night of Wm's
                                 death.   (ref).

Apr 16, 1855   Land              William S Butler purchased W 1/2 of the NW quarter of        
                                 section No. 21 in Township 6S of Range 1, 80 acres for
                                 $10.  Upon the presentation of this certificate to the
                                 Commissioner of the General Land office then would be
                                 entitled to receive a patent for the land.   (ref).

Nov 6, 1855    Affidavit         Edward Kirkpatrick, Bailey Butler and John Kirkpatrick       
                                 state that they were personally acquainted with James
                                 Butler and Fanny Butler in the State of Tennessee, who
                                 lived together as husband and wife for over 40 years.
                                 Fanny was a widow at the time she made application for
                                 Bounty Land under the Act of Mar 8, 1855.   (ref).

Nov 6, 1855    Letter            Samuel Harrison sent a letter to Hon L.P. Waldo to           
                                 obtain bounty land for Fanny Butler.  Cannot prove
                                 marraige which took place in N.C. about 60 years ago.

Nov 9, 1855    Affidavit         Bailey Butler and Thomas Davis state that they were           
                                 personally acquainted with William Butler dec. and
                                 Jsophenia his widow about 10 years previous to his
                                 death.  Lived as HW and raised children.   (ref).

Dec 13, 1855   Land              Land warrant 36947 for 120 acres under the Act of March     
                                 3, 1855, to Fanny Butler, widow of James Butler Private
                                 in Captain Bennett's Company Tennessee Militia War

Dec 31, 1855   Land              Fanny Butler assigns warrant 36947 for 120 acres to         
                                 William S. Adams.  Attested by William S. Butler and
                                 Jasper Butler.  Bailey Butler also attests as a JP.
                                 Adams later located on Apr 19, 1856, the 120 acres N
                                 1/2 of NW 1/4 & NW 1/2 of NE quarter of section 21,
                                 T15N, R 1W in Wisconsin.

Feb 6, 1856    Suit              Sarah who married Welcome Butler is the daughter of          
                                 Benjamin D. Holmes, and the sister to Samuel, Sylvanus
                                 C. James & Adeline.

Feb 9, 1856    Suit              Welcome Butler and his wife were nonresidents of Tn as       
                                 shown in the suit against them by Alexander Masters.

Jul 16, 1856   Minute Book       Welcome died May 1849.  His widow (Sarah) and heirs          
                                 made claim under his will dated Jan 22, 1838.
                                 Decendants appear to be Susan Butler, William Butler,
                                 Bailey Butler, William Sargeant and Mary his wife,
                                 William Kendall and Sarah his wife, Dr. Head and Liethy
                                 his wife, Thomas Butler and Erwin F. Langford.  States
                                 that William Sargeant was a doctor from Penn who
                                 married Welcome Butler's daughter. source Minute Bk B-C
                                 Chancery Ct 1856-60.   (ref).

Aug 1, 1856    Affidavit         Aff of Polly Darwin.  Minor children as of Mar 3, 1855       
                                 of Polly and Bailie Butler dec., Cap. in the War of
                                 1812 are: John S. b. Jun 6, 1834; Susan Hampton
                                 (formerly Butler) b. Mar 4, 1836; Martha b. Apr 2,
                                 1841; Bailey b. Mar 28, 1843.  Children made app for
                                 120 acres no. 123,394.0.

Aug 10, 1856   Cementary         M.F. Butler was born Aug 10, 1856 and died May 4, 1928.      
                                 Butler Graveyard located near Gladdice, Tn.

Sep 1856       Indictment        Bailey Butler "late of the county aforesaid on the          
                                 tenth day of July" of 1856 sold one gal of whiskey to
                                 William J. Murphy without a license.

Sep 15, 1856   Pension           Will F. Plumlee was present at Tallapa, Mexico when         
                                 Oliver T. Butler contracted the disease he now labors
                                 under about Dec 1847.  Has seen Oliver from '51 and he
                                 is still afflicted and will remain so.

Oct 2, 1856    Guarantee         Bailey Butler, Archabald Gray, William Roddy and            
                                 William Butler post a bond to Robert A. Johnson for
                                 $7.70, to cover an appeal to the Circuit Court by
                                 Bailey Butler of a judgment against him for $32.25.
                                 Bailey paid Woodson Gray $1.50 to appeal the case of
                                 R.A. Johnson v. Bailey Butler on 29 Jun 1857.  Bailey
                                 also paid $4.50 on execution to Robert A. Johnson on 24
                                 Jul 1857.   (ref).

Feb 12, 1857   Deed              William S. & Malissa E. transfer to School Directors        
                                 "as long as land is kept for school purposes" S21 T6 1E
                                 NW1/4.  From orig Pat 16 Apr 1855 W1/2.

Feb 28, 1857   BWLT 23979        William S. Butler personally appeared that entered the       
                                 land on Apr 16, 1855 pursuant to the Act of Aug 4,
                                 1854, that has resided since Mar 7, 1855, and has made
                                 one dwelling house and kitchen and 3/4 acres of land in
                                 actual cultiviation.  He is the head of a family when
                                 he entered the land. W 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 21
                                 Township 6S Range 1E (80 acres).   (ref).

Jun 1, 1857    Cert 23972        Deed from the U.S. of 80 acres to William S Butler,          
                                 signed by President James Buchanan.  The W 1/2 of the
                                 NW 1/4 of Section 21 Township 6S Range 1E in the
                                 District of lands formely subject to the sale at
                                 Shawneetown now Springfield.  (Shawneetown cash entry
                                 23972).   (ref).

Jun 1, 1857    Cert 24582        Deed from the U.S. of 160 acres to Bailey Butler,            
                                 signed by President James Buchanan. E 1/2 of NW 1/4 and
                                 SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 and the NW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of
                                 Section 29 Township 6S Range 1E.   (ref).

Aug 2, 1857    Deed              Baley Butler to Wm H. Cook, S29 T6 R1, Bailey & his         
                                 wife Cynthy Butler transfer 160 acres.

Aug 11, 1857   Deed              Lafayette Butler & George W. H. Butler convey to            
                                 Stephen S. Kirk lands willed by our grandfather Thos.
                                 Butler dec. consideration 2000 with river opposite side
                                 at mouth of Richmond Darwin spring branch.  175 acres.
                                 Witnessed by F.K. Kelly & R.P. Brown.  Book B; pg
                                 584,5; Clay Co. and Book K, pg. 335, Jackson Co. Jno
                                 Gipson register, Oct 3, 1880.

Aug 11, 1857   Deed              Lafayette Butler and George W.H. Butler convey lands        
                                 willed by their Grandfather Thos. Butler decd. 175
                                 acres...river opposite side at mouth of Richmond Darwin
                                 spring branch.

Oct 2, 1857    Affidavit         Aff of Duncan R. Butler and his wife Mary.  State that        
                                 they have known William Butler's widow, Josephina for
                                 16 years.  Also state that Duncan is William's son.   (ref).

Nov 13, 1857   BWLT 94067        Original land warrant for 120 acres to Zophenia Butler,      
                                 widow of William, private in Captian Butler's Company
                                 of Tenn Militia., Creek War.  Also sale document to
                                 John N. Fentrys of Mississippi County, Misouria dated
                                 Nov 26, 1857.

Dec 23, 1857   Deed              David Butler transfered to Wm. H. Cook S29 T6 R1 20        
                                 acres, originally Bailey's 20 Jul 1855 SW1/4, IL.

Dec 24, 1857   Court record      Zebulon Nettles v. John Stafford.                           

Jul 14, 1858   Suit              Suit by Jackson Apple, Mary Apple, Thomas H. Butler,         
                                 Sarah An Butler v. Jubal Anderson, Neadin Apple,
                                 Elizabeth Apple & George Apple.

Jul 1859       Suit              Suit of John Condran, ... Oliver T. Butler & Prudence       
                                 L. Butler v Cherry et al.

Jul 1859       Mortality         Thomas J. Butler died of tyfoid fever after being ill       
                                 for 28 days.  He was 7 months old at his death.  The
                                 mashall wrote that "The climate is very changeable the
                                 given is what then is great may caused of consumption
                                 which of course is always fatal.  The cholera infection
                                 and cramp amoung children are generally fatal there is
                                 some chills and fever that is not often fatal.   (ref).

Jul 14, 1859   Suit              Suit involving land sold to Thomas H. Butler.                

Jul 26, 1859   Deed              Fredrick Butler to Arthur L. Butler S13 T5 R4E SWSW1/4      
                                 40 acres. Fredrick was orig patentee of SW (Dec 26,
                                 1853) and Arthur of NW (Dec 19, 1853).  Reference to
                                 Fredrick's wife Cordelia.

1860           Census            1860 Census Jackson Co., showing C.Y. 34, S.G.S. 32, John P. 50,         
                                 L.B. 36, Thos. H. 40, Bonyparte 18, Louisa 23.

Jan 27, 1860   Deed              Bailey Butler to Wm Cook S29 T6 R1 NENW.                   

Feb 19, 1860   Deed              William S. Butler transfered to George Harvey of St         
                                 Louis S21 T6 R1 SW1/2 of NW1/4 for $400.

Apr 1860       Mortality         Shows a Benjamin F. Butler, age two, died in Franklin       
                                 County in April 1860 of scarlet fever after being sick
                                 for 13 days.  Thomas J. Butler died at age 7m.  Shows
                                 20 Butlers with 2 in Franklin Co.

1861           Deed              Bailey Butler to James MacKey S13 T6 R1E W1/4 of NE1/4.     
                                 Actual date is missing.

Aug 13, 1861   War               Jas. N. Butler of Rome re-enlisted as a veteran on Aug       
                                 13, 1861.

Sep 7, 1861    Deed              Bryon & Mary McCartney to Bailey S33 T6 R1E NW1/4           

Sep 10, 1861   Warrant 94067     Zophenia Butler, widow of William Butler, private,           
                                 captian Butler's company, Tenn militia, Creek War
                                 assigns her land warrant to John N. Fentress, signed by
                                 President Abraham Lincoln.  120 acres located upon the
                                 W 1/2 of the NW 1/4 and the SE 1/4 of the NW 1/4,
                                 Section 22 Township 24N Range 16E, in the District
                                 lands formerly subject to sale at Jackson, now Fronton,
                                 Misouri.  See also Warrant 5994, 3586340, 149728,

Aug 21, 1862   Muster            Wm. S. Butler joined Co. D, 89th Infantry Regiment,          
                                 Illinios Volunteers as a private.  He was 39.  Enrolled
                                 in Chicago and was mustered into service on Aug 27,
                                 1862, by Capt. Christopher. Remarks: Died while a
                                 prisoner of war at Andersonville, Ga., on or about Sep
                                 16, 1864.   (ref).

Aug 21, 1862   Muster            Wm. H. Butler joined Co. D, 89th Infantry Regiment,          
                                 Illinios Volunteers as a private.  He was 39.  Enrolled
                                 in Chicago and was mustered into service on Aug 25,
                                 1862.  Remarks: Bounty Premium.

Aug 22, 1862   Muster            J. B. Butler joined Co. D, 89th Infantry Regiment,           
                                 Illinios Volunteers as a private.  He was 23, 5' 11"
                                 tall, light hair, blue eyes, single, from Jackson,
                                 Tenn. and a farmer.  Resided in Mulkeytown, Franklin,
                                 Ill.  Enrolled in Chicago and was mustered into service
                                 on Aug 25, 1862, by Capt. Christopher. Remarks:
                                 Deserted al Louisville, Ky., Jan 18, 1865.

Aug 22, 1862   Muster            Newton C. Butler joined Co. D, 89th Infantry Regiment,       
                                 Illinios Volunteers as a private.  He was 32, 6' 0"
                                 tall, light hair, blue eyes, married, from Jackson,
                                 Tenn. and a farmer.  Resided in Mulkeytown, Franklin,
                                 Ill.  Enrolled in Chicago and was mustered into service
                                 on Aug 25, 1862, by Capt. Christopher. Remarks:
                                 Promoted Corporal.  Died Andersonville, Ga., on or
                                 about Sep 15, 1864. Grave No. 10,856.

Oct 31, 1862   War               Muster roll for Sept/Oct 1862 shows that James B.           
                                 Butler was absent "sick in hosp. at Louisville since
                                 Sept. 27, 1862.

Feb 1, 1863    War               Descriptive List of Deserters states that James B.          
                                 Butler age 23, 5 feet 11 inches, fair complexion, blue
                                 eyes, ??hair, born in Jackson Co., TN, farmer, deserted
                                 Jan 1863 from the hospital in Louisville, KY.

Jan 1, 1864    War History       Jas. H. Butler of Mt. Vernon enlisted Jan 1, 1864 and        
                                 was mustered Jan 30, 1864.  He deserted on May 3, 1864.

Jan 31, 1864   Muster            Welcome Butler of Mulkeytown enlisted on Jan 31, 1864       
                                 and was mustered Feb 21, 1864.  M.O. Aug 31, 1865, as

Jan 31, 1864   War               Volunteer enlistment of Welcome M. Butler age 18, born      
                                 in Jackson Co., enlisted from Benton.

May 24, 1854   Probate           Probate abstract of William Butler who died May 24,          
                                 1854.  Military land Warrant #10,214 in the name of
                                 Fanny Butler issued Dec 6, 1852.  Adm Couwood Davis.
                                 (Complied by Franklin Co. Gen. Soc.).   (ref).

May 27, 1864   Military          Muster roll for Nov & Dec 1864 states that William S.       
                                 Butler was absent and "Taken prisoner May 27, 1864 at
                                 New Hope Church, Ga.  Malissa E. wife of William S.
                                 Butler recd of Major Thusted pay from Jany 64 to Aug
                                 31, 64 $116."

Jul 18, 1864   Journal           "Monday July 18, 1864 -- Today I am 22 years old, we        
                                 are on the skirmish line.  We advance to Peach Tree
                                 Creek.  We cross Peach Tree Creek; and make a charge on
                                 the Rebels but they charged on us and drove us back
                                 across the creek kiling and wounding an capturing a
                                 good many.  I was captured together with ten other of
                                 my Co.  There was 5 killed in my co. William Butler,
                                 Henry Newhouse, Levi Rimvarthy, Abraham Snider, William
                                 Kyne......."  This was at Atlanta, Georgia and these
                                 men captured were taken to Andersonville Prison.  My
                                 husband's grandfather survived the  prison but this
                                 diary gives horrible evidence of how cruel men can
                                 treat each other.  From letter written by Mrs. Curtis
                                 Knight, 618 Youngs Land, Freeport, Illinois, sometime
                                 in the late 1960's. 

Sep 15, 1864   War               Newton Butler of Co. D, 89 Reg't IL Infantry was absent     
                                 on Jan/Feb 1865, "Taken prisoner May 27, 1864.  Jane,
                                 wife of Newton C. Butler recd. of Maj. L. T. Thusted
                                 pay from Jany 1, 1864 to Aug 31, 1864, $1.24."

Sep 25, 1864   War               Memorandum from prisoner of war records of Newton           
                                 Butler admitted to "Hospital at Andersonville Ga. Sep
                                 25, 1864; treated for ___ Where he died Oct 10th, 1864
                                 of Scorbutus..."  Information obtained from records of
                                 "Orig Andersonville vol 113 page 268; vol 130, page 73;
                                 Burial Reg 117; Wurseted?? Record vol 4 page 23, vol 2
                                 page 63 and vol 17 page 14.

Oct 4, 1864    War               Casualty Sheet states that N. Butler died at                
                                 Andersonville Ga. Oct 4, 1864, page 29 13 Andersonville
                                 Hospital Record.

Oct 9, 1864    Casualty Sheet    W.S. Butler, Private of company D, 89 Regiment of IL        
                                 State Volunteers.  States "Death Died at Andersonville
                                 Ga Oct 9, 1864/ Page 27 -"B" Andersonville Records."

1865           Tax List          7 Butlers listed: Arthur L., Bailey, Cordelia, D.R.,        
                                 James, Malissa E., William.  Complied by the Franklin
                                 Co. Gen. Soc. 1993.

Mar 1865       Affidavit         Aff of William S. Eubanks, age 51, who states that he       
                                 enlisted with Duncan R. Butler in March 1865.  Butler
                                 was first sick when they boarded a boat at New York to
                                 join their regiment.  They desembarked at Morehead
                                 City.  Butler could not carry his baggage.  Later went
                                 to Raleigh N.C.  Did not see Butler until they arrived
                                 in Washington where Eubanks was assigned to Co. C 60th

Mar 9, 1865    Military          Ducan R. Butler, age 41, volunteered for 1 year at          
                                 Springfield, IL, under Capt. Isaac Keys.  States that
                                 he had blue eyes, black hair, fair complexion and was 5
                                 feet 10 1/2 inches high.  In Co. E, 60th Regiment of IL
                                 Infantry Volunteers.  Credited to Linebridge DeWitt
                                 Co., IL, 8 Dist 43 S.D.

Apr 20, 1865   War               Welcome M. Butler was promoted from Corp.to Sgt on Apr      
                                 20, 1865, according to Company K 13 Cav. Ill muster
                                 roll.  Also states that he was "private from enlistment
                                 to Feb 13, 1864, then corpl to Apr 20, 1865.

Apr 29, 1865   Casualty Sheet    Wm S. Butler, Private of Capt. Robinson of IL, born in      
                                 Jackson Co., age 39, 5 feet 11 inches, dark complexion,
                                 blue eyes, brown hair, farmer, joined company D of the
                                 89th Regiment at Chicago on August 21, 1862, served
                                 Honestly and Faithfully in the field to present date
                                 and is now discharged by reason of having died while a
                                 prisoner of war on or about Sep 15, 1864.  Milice E
                                 wife was last paid by paymaster Thirsted to Aug 31,
                                 1864.  Given in duplicate at Nashville, TN.

May 20, 1865   Affidavit         Coleb Burton states Newton Butler died at Andersonville     
                                 about Oct 5, 1864 of scurvy.  Knows for personal
                                 knowledge as a member of Company D.  He frequently
                                 visited Newton at the Hospital..that when he last went
                                 to see him he was informed that Newton had died and was
                                 taken to the dead house and that he has not seen him
                                 since and that he is satisfied from Newton's condition
                                 on Oct 4, 1864 that he died as stated.

May 26, 1865   War               Final Statement for Newton Butler, Corp. died Oct 5,        

Jun 13, 1865   Final Statement   Final statement of William S. Butler, died Sep 15,         

Jun 18, 1865   Military          Oliver T. Butler swears to support the Constitution. He     
                                 was 39 years old, 6"1", light complexion, dark hair and
                                 gray eyes.

Jul 31, 1865   Military          Muster out record of Duncan R. Butler in Louisville,        

Aug 14, 1865   Affidavit         Aff of W.H. ? clerk certifys that he has copied the         
                                 marriage certificate of Newton and Jane Butler.

Sep 10, 1865   Deed              Arthur L. Butler to Wm. L. Butler S13 T5 R4E NW1/4 of       
                                 SW 1/4 & SW1/4 of SW1/4 (40 acres).  Arthur L and Sarah
                                 Jane his wife ... inheritance at law.

Oct 7, 1865    Letter            Letter acknowledging application for pension no.              
                                 107777.  Appears that Newton Butler enrolled on Aug 22,
                                 1862 at Chicago in Co. D, 89th Regiment of Illinois
                                 Volunteers for 3 months.  Mustered as corporal Newton
                                 C. Butler Jun 10, 1865.  Died while a prisioner of war
                                 at Andersonville, Ga. on or about Sep 15, 1864, cause
                                 of death not stated.

Oct 23, 1865   Title Abstract    Title abstract of farm owned by Duncan Robert Butler.       
                                 Originally deeded to Duncan from the US Government on
                                 Oct 23, 1865.   (ref).

Apr 21, 1866   Affidavit         Malissa E. Butler, widow, swears that William S. Butler       
                                 of Franklin Co. died on Oct 8, 1864, with a personal
                                 estate of $150.  Children, Welcom, Cyntha Ann, Eliza
                                 J., Louisa, Robert F., Sarah E., and John H. Butler.
                                 Clerk C. M. Clark signs and Malissa leaves her mark,
                                 "X".   (ref).

Sep 28, 1866   Marriage          Licensed issued Sep 28, 1866 and marriage of Willis          
                                 Lawrence and Malissa E. Butler performed on Sep 30,
                                 1866 by Isham Harrison, asso. justice.

Oct 24, 1867   Application       Application of Jane Butler age 32.  "My Post Office         
                                 address is Tompkinsville, Monroe Co. KY.  My domicile
                                 or place of abode is on the wagon road leading (down
                                 Turkey creek) from Tompkinsville KY to Butler's Landing
                                 TN."  Aff of Mary Plumlee of Jackson resident of George
                                 H. Plumlee of Jackson.

Nov 5, 1867    Affidavit         Aff of Sarah Marshall, midwife who witness Siotha           
                                 Butler's birth on Oct 8, 1857 in Perry Co, IL.
                                 Attested by Bennett Arterberry and Bailey Butler.
                                 Newton was a private in Company D commanded by Capt
                                 Spink in the 89th Regiment commanded by Col. Hoykis.

Nov 5, 1867    Affidavit         Aff of Cynthia Butler that she was present when Kindall     
                                 and Sarah Butler were born.  Attested by Bennett
                                 Arterberry and Bailey Butler.  Civil officer was Isham

Nov 5, 1867    Affidavit         Certificate of W H Cook, MD who witnessed Isham Newton     
                                 Lafayette Butler's birth.

Nov 5, 1867    Affidavit         Aff of Siota Dorris, midwife who witness William Jasper    
                                 Butler's birth on Jan 20, 1859 in Perry Co, IL.
                                 Attested by Bennett Arterberry and Bailey Butler.
                                 Newton was a private in Company D commanded by Capt
                                 Spink in the 89th Regiment commanded by Col. Hoykis.

Dec 27, 1867   Affidavit         Aff of Jane Butler to correct birth date of child on        
                                 previous application.  Cannot write and relied upon Wm
                                 M. Riggs to do her writting.  Original declaration was
                                 written by Wm Elston of Duquoin IL and the latte by Wm
                                 M. Riggs of Tompkinsville KY.

Jan 25, 1868   Pension           Claim for widows pension 107777.  States that Newton C.     
                                 Butler Priv Co D 89 Ill was a resident of Jackson Co.

Dec 18, 1868   Masonic           Bailey Butler initiated into the Vannahill Lodge No         
                                 133, Masonic Order.  He is made a master mason on 15
                                 Jan 1869.  T. H. Butler, G. G. Butler also appear in
                                 the records.

Jan 20, 1869   Bible             Thomas H. Butler refered to in letter from Ben               

Jan 26, 1869   Pension           Declaration of minor children for Army pension.  Isham       
                                 Harrison states that he is 39 and is the legally
                                 appointed guardian of Robert F. Butler (b Apr 26,
                                 1855), Sarah E. Butler (b May 7, 1860), and John H.
                                 Butler (b Apr 15, 1862), who are suriving children
                                 under 16 of William S. Butler who died in Andersonville
                                 Prison.  Wm S. and Melissa E. Davis were married in
                                 Jackson Co on the Jun 4, 1846 by Franklin Butler, JP.
                                 Witnessed by C.D. M?? and Thomas Davis.   (ref).

Feb 5, 1869    Affidavit         Aff of Caleb Butler, member of Co. D.  He was well          
                                 acquainted with William S. Butler who was taken
                                 prisoner while on the March from Chatanooga, TN to
                                 Atlanta, GA.  Taken to Andersonville and died on or
                                 about 8 Oct 1864 of "hardships endured and disease
                                 contracted in said prison."  Knows from own knowledge.

Mar 13, 1869   Letter            Pension no. 171,790.  The Assistant Adju General states      
                                 that it appears from rolls on file that W. H. Butler
                                 was enrolled Aug 21, 1862 at Chicago in Co. D, 89
                                 Regiment of Ill. Volunteers to serve 3 years or during
                                 the War and mustered in as a private on Aug 25, 1862.
                                 On the muster rolls for the months May & June, 1864, he
                                 is reported as ? William S. Butler 'Taken prisoner May
                                 27, 1864 at New Hope Church Ga." M. out role dated June
                                 1865 report him "Died while a prisoner of war at
                                 Andersonville Ga. on or about Sept. 15 1864."

Apr 15, 1869   Bible             George H. Morgan married Mary Ann Butler.                    

Jun 13, 1870   Deed              Leroy B. Butler sales 1 1/8 acres to S. H. Jones for        
                                 $112.50.  Located near the mouth of Butlers' Landing.
                                 [Need to copy more of the deeds]

Jun 16, 1870   History           Clay County formed equally from the northern sections        
                                 of Overton and Jackson Counties.

Sep 4, 1870    Census            1870 census listing: John P. Butler 58; Baly Butler 27;     
                                 F H Butler 50.  Original census.

Apr 13, 1871   Declaration       Declaration for pension of William Kendall, age 76,         
                                 states he was married on 1 Jul 1821 to Sarah Butler in
                                 Jackson Co., TN.

May 12, 1871   Deed              Bailey Butler sales estimated 100 acres to William F.       
                                 Plumlee for $1000.  Bailey Butler inherited the land
                                 from his father Bailey Butler by will.  Located on the
                                 North side of the Cumberland, in District 1, East of
                                 John Stone, West of WF Weaver.

Aug 14, 1872   Affidavit         Court house fire destroyed records as stated by Clerk       
                                 J. W. Draper on 19 Jul 1883.

Aug 15, 1872   Newspaper         The Nashville Union and American wrote August 21, 1872      
                                 (New Series, No. 1 244) p. 4, col.3, "GAINSBORO TENN.,
                                 Aug. 15, 1872. Between one and two o'clock last night
                                 the Courthouse at this place was discovered in flames.
                                 The fire had made such progress before its discovery
                                 that it was impossible to save it or any of its
                                 contents, the flames having, from the appearances,
                                 evidently been kindled in the attic, and the office all
                                 being upstairs, the records of the Circuit and County
                                 Courts, all of the Regiser's books and a portion, if
                                 not all of the County Surveyor's books, were destroyed,
                                 leaving our county a blank so far as public records are
                                 concerned, except those of the Chancery Court.  Thus by
                                 the torch of an known incendiary, Jackson county is
                                 almost ruined.  The stillness of the night probably
                                 saved the whole village of Gainsboro from destruction.
                                 Yours truly, G.H.M."   (ref).

Jul 21, 1873   Guardianship      Isham Harrison Esq. appointed guardian of William,         
                                 Isham and Siota.

Aug 28, 1873   Affidavit         Aff of Nancy Wilson who states that she was present in     
                                 Jane Butler's house while "she was a carfs" and knows
                                 that Jane died 8 Apr 1873.

Aug 29, 1873   Affidavit         Aff of Isham Harrison that Newton Butler's widow died 8    
                                 Apr 1873.  The children have not aided or abetted the

Feb 18, 1874   Deed              Statement of Richmond Darwin, John Dale, WB Butler, SGS    
                                 Butler, SJ Tinsley and Martha Tinsley that the late
                                 Polly Darwin put in trust land for burying descendants
                                 of Bailey Butler.  Gives mets & bounds from Beech in
                                 the NW corner of said tract.

Jan 20, 1876   Marriage          Marriage of Elizabeth Butler and Jordan Masters.            

Aug 31, 1876   Deed              Hindle (Kindle?) Butler to Andrew Sims S23 & 35             
                                 released all rts by virture of homestead exemption.

Mar 7, 1878    Bond              T H Butler and James Weaver bond for the marriage of        
                                 Weaver to Martha Arterberry in the amount of $1250

Apr 8, 1878    Pension           Pension file of Amos Kirkpatrick for service in the War     
                                 of 1812.  Widow Rachel applies and states that she
                                 lives on same land as while she was married to Amos,
                                 which is 2 miles from Gainesboro on the Cumberland

Mar 4, 1879    Deed              Charles Cooper to S.J. Butler S5 T5 R3E W1/2 of NE1/4.     

1880           Census Index      Wm 21 from Tn & Emma 20 from Il; Mary A. 56 Ky, Harriet      
                                 E. 20, Wm T. 15, Ida 12f; Bailey 76 widower Ky; Martha
                                 C. widow, Margaret M. Hosea f18 widow, Mary E. f12,
                                 James J. m10, Wm E. m7, Marion J. m5; J. m28, Margaret
                                 19, Louella f4, Henry m4/12; John m23; John m33,
                                 Frances f34, George W. 11, Minnie 9, Ana J. 4,
                                 Elizabeth Coleman f11 niece.

Jun 4, 1880    Census            1880 Census listing Welcome & Mary Butler, children         
                                 William, Minnie, Cora, Charles; W B Butler (William
                                 Balie?) age 33 attorney; Bailey Butler, age 25.  All
                                 born in TN except Welcome's mother who was from KY.

Jun 17, 1880   Census            1880 Census for Clay County showing George 1815, J.T.      
                                 1839, O.T. 1845, L.B. 1824, J.P. 1810, S.W. 1831.

Jan 11, 1883   Newspaper         Personal entry in the Transit, "A letter from W.B.         
                                 Butler of Comanche Texas indicates that Bailey is doing
                                 well.  He wants the Upper Cumberland and says that he
                                 may come in to see us all this fall.

Nov 10, 1883   Affidavit         Aff of Thomas Davis, age 70 and Baily Butler, age 79,      
                                 stating that they live near Mary Butler and know that
                                 Mary and ??? have lived together for 39 or 40 years,
                                 know they were married in Jackson Co., post office
                                 address is Mulkeytown.

Apr 11, 1884   Pension           Aff of Matilda Jones, age 74?, stating that she knows       
                                 that Duncan R. and Mary A. lived as man and wife for
                                 some 25 years preceeding their deaths.  Acted as
                                 midwife for Ida, born in Spring Settlement, on or about
                                 19 Apr 1868.

May 10, 1884   Affidavit         Aff of John Mulkey and B S Kirkpatrick state that they      
                                 saw Ida A. Butler sign her name.

               Misc Records      Misc records from 1810-1909.  Tannehill Lodge Institute    
                                 opened with Thos. H. Butler as one of the Trustees; abs
                                 of the Upper Cumberland paper, issue Dec 24, 1885.
                                 Lawyers advertising included T.H. & W.B. Butler, Bowen
                                 A. Butler.

1887           Pension           Oliver T. Butler age 61 resident of Clementsville           
                                 declares that he is 6 feet, complexion light, hair
                                 light, eyes grey, farmer.

Apr 2, 1887    Pension           Oliver T. Butler applies for Mexican War Pension.  He      
                                 enlisted at Memphis on Oct 1847 for five years and was
                                 discharged Jul-Aug 1848.  Served in Cob 4 undert
                                 Richard Waterhouse.  Claims disability incurred at
                                 Tumers Mill, Clay Co., TN on Dec 1881 when he lost 3
                                 fingers on his right hand in a circle edging saw
                                 accident.  States that he is 61, born Feb 5, 1826.
                                 Witnessed by Wm Gore & Newton Moore who also served
                                 with Oliver under Capt. John Scanland.

Apr 20, 1887   Pension           C.W. Carter age 36 and ___ Turner age 58 have been          
                                 acquainted with Oliver T. Butler for 12 years and that
                                 in Dec 1881 Oliver was in their employ when accidently
                                 cut off three fingers.

Jun 21, 1887   War               Survior certificate no. 5263 issued for Oliver T.           
                                 Butler, Prt., Co. B, Reg. H Tenn Vol., agency Knoxville
                                 for $8 per month.  Also misc war records from Mexican

Jul 12, 1888   Will              Will of Thomas H. Butler; letter to Editor of the          
                                 Sentinel regarding an article "Progress of Canvass" i
                                 the issue of "16th".  Referes to Thomas H. Butler as
                                 Col.  Other misc documents.

Aug 30, 1888   Will              Will of Kendall Plumlee giving to daughter Sarah            
                                 personal property and she is to take care wife Maria.
                                 Mentions other children: Sanford, Losen and Jane
                                 Butler.  Witnessed by G? H. Plumlee & John Plumlee.

Sep 9, 1891    Affidavit         Aff of William J. Connor who knew Duncan Robert Butler      
                                 from boyhood, lived within 1/4 mile; Butler came home
                                 from Army in bad health, lung and throat disease.

Oct 7, 1891    Letter            Letter from clerk James M Josslin stating that William      
                                 T.S. Butler was born Apr 12, 1865, based upon his
                                 review of the Duncan Robert Butler family bible,
                                 published 1850 and which had various entries.

Nov 28, 1891   Affidavit         Aff of Walter W. Harris age 45 who has the Butler           
                                 family bible and lives in Tamalco.

Dec 29, 1891   Pension           Widow's Service Pension of Prudence Lucinda Butler of       
                                 Clementsville, Clay Co., TN, filed on Oliver T. Butler
                                 who died Nov 26, 1891 at the age of 66.

Jul 26, 1892   Letter            Letter by Ida A. Butler to George C. Ross, Int. Dept?t      
                                 asking that her application for pension be considered
                                 as she is in great need of help.  Her attorney, Geo. E.
                                 Lemon, does not respond to her.

Aug 31, 1893   Hotel             Regan House register shows M.G. Butler, B.C. Butler of      
                                 Gainseboro checked in.   (ref).

Jan 2, 1894    Hotel             Regan House register shows M.G. Butler, Bailey C.           
                                 Butler of Gainseboro checked in.   (ref).

Sep 12, 1894   Hotel             Regan House register shows S.G. Butler of Gainseboro        
                                 checked in.   (ref).

Apr 25, 1895   Pension App.      Application of Bailey Butler for pension.  Born 28          
                                 March 1844, enlisted at Celina on May 6, 1861, in the
                                 8th TN Inf Reg't.  Attorney: Jno. S. Qualies.  Lost
                                 right eye from the explosion of a bomb shell.  Never

1900           Census            Fam 53, William Butler b 1858, married 21 years to          
                                 Malissa E. b 1860, children: Della 1884, Louella 1887,
                                 Elzie 1889, Ora F. 1892, Cordelia 1896

Jun 2, 1900    Census            Malissa Lawrence, age 71 and a widow, is living with        
                                 Louisa Harris.  Malissa is shown to have 12 children,
                                 with 7 living.  Born in Ky in Mar 1829.  Louisa has 3
                                 children living with her (8 living of 12 born): Jessie
                                 M., d born Sep 1886; Fannie E d born Mar 1887; Henry E.
                                 s born Feb 1893.  The father is shown to have been born
                                 in N.C.

Jul 27, 1900   Bible             George Hampton Morgan (H of Mary Ann Butler), died Jul       
                                 27, 1900 and was buried in Cockville, Tn.

Dec 1, 1900    Affidavit         Aff of Malissa E. Butler stating that "we had a family      
                                 Bible which showed ... but it has been lost & I don't
                                 know where it is.  Witnesses by Pearl & Jessie Harris.

Jun 5, 1901    Letter            Ltr from Interior stating that land warrant 81695 (40       
                                 acres) issued to Polly Anderson, widow of Bailey Butler
                                 was assigned Feb 4, 1854 by Polly & Richmond Darwin
                                 (Polly's new husband) to Edwin Warner in the presence
                                 of FW Butler and SGS Butler.  Later assigned Mar 3,
                                 1854 to Ebenezer Cook who located at Iowa City, Iowa.
                                 Warrant 84731 (120 acres Act 1855) issued in favor of
                                 minor children not found.

Aug 9, 1901    Pension           Louisa Harris age 49 (b Sep 19, 1852), who is suffering     
                                 from Goiter and is the legitimate child of William S.
                                 Butler.  Widow died in Apr 1901.  Minor pension number
                                 128708.  Her post office is Keyesport, Clinton Co., Il.
                                 Leaves X.

Jul 19, 1905   Pension           Widow's Application for pension on Leroy Bonapart           
                                 Butler, b 1823, m to Elizabeth Dale, Apr 18, 1850 in
                                 Overton.  He enlisted in Livingston, TN in 1861 and was
                                 a soldier until the end of the war.  Also has aff of
                                 C.E. Dale, age 64 on Sep 19, 1905.

Jul 10, 1908   Deed              Bailey C. Butler acted as solictor for a deed of 3          
                                 acres in the 1st civil district.

Jul 13, 1916   Death Cert.       Death cert. of Jane Plumlee, b abt 1839, died Jul 13,       
                                 1916.  Illigetimate, mother Butler.  Informant was J.A.
                                 Rich of Celina, TN.

Jul 13, 1916   Death Cert.       Death cert. of Jane Plumlee age 77 at death.  Widow who     
                                 was illegitimate, father not stated, mother's maiden
                                 name only, Butler.

Feb 28, 1927   Death Cert.       Death cert of C.P. Butler who died Feb 28, 1927.  Born      
                                 Dec 21, 1867, in Clay Co., TN, son of Oliver Butler.
                                 Informat was Oscar Butler.  Trade was merchandsing.
                                 Buried in Red Boling Springs.

Apr 29, 1931   Affidavit         Aff of Agatha Woodson, State Historian of DAR.  States      
                                 that knows that James Butler had 3 sons in
                                 Revolutionary War, General William Butler, James Jr.
                                 Butler and Thomas Butler, married cousin Elizabeth
                                 Grigsby, d of Enoch Grigsby & Susan Butler.

Apr 20, 1934   Newspaper         Obit of Ida Augustine Butler, d of Duncan Robert & Mary     
                                 Ann Fowler Davis Butler, b 19 Apr 1868, d 19 Apr 1934.

Sep 7, 1934    Obitutary         Missouri Butler Kirpatrick, daughter of Duncan Robert       
                                 Butler and Mary Ann Fowler Davis, born Nov 14, 1853.
                                 Includes photo of her gravemaker.  "She was from a good
                                 family, in whose ranks is represented every walk of
                                 like-- missionaries to foreign countries, physicians of
                                 note, congressmen, ministers, scientists... lawyers,
                                 college presidents, college teachers..."

Nov 2, 1934    Newspaper         Article by Susan Butler Coleman.   (ref).                            

Mar 5, 1939    Death Cert.       Sherman Butler born April 12, 1865, son of Robert           
                                 Butler and Sarah Davis (should be Mary A.).  Informant
                                 was Ida Butler.   (ref).

Sep 29, 1943   Obituary          Ida Butler, 74, died in Valier on Sep 28, 1843.  Born       
                                 in Franklin Aug 10, 1869, daughter of William Pipkin,
                                 widow of Sherman Butler.  Survived by 3 daughters, Mrs.
                                 John DeMatti of Benton Mrs. Henry Foster and Mrs.
                                 Robert Smith both of Buckner, Ill.  Burial at Butler
                                 cemetery.  (From Obits & Tidbits by Carla Pulliam)

Jan 18, 1948   Death Cert.       Death cert of Theresa Butler Longenbaugh, born May 9,      
                                 1862 at Bond Co, Ill.  Death caused from severe shock &
                                 complications following a fall in her bedroom.  Buried
                                 in Oak Grove, Sullivan.  Husban, Jacob Longenbaugh.
                                 Informant was Albert Walker who stated that father was
                                 Robert Wood?

Jan 23, 1948   Obitutary         Obituary of Theresa Butler Longenbauch, d of Robert and     
                                 Angeline Wood.  Married John H. Butler in June 1884,
                                 Bond Co., later moved to NW of Sullivan, Moultrie Co.
                                 Children: Mrs H. E. Pinkston of Swartz Creek, Mich.,
                                 Mrs Albert Walker of Sullivan, John A. Butler who died
                                 two years ago, Dail Butler of Shelbyville & Maudine who
                                 died at age 4.  Leaves 13 grandchildren & 11 great
                                 grandchildren.  With Oak Grove Baptist church near Dunn
                                 in Oct 1905, then with Methodist in Shelbyville.

               Deeds             Deed book of Clay County.  Lists LB Butler, Baily           
                                 Butler, WB Butler, and John Butler.

               KY Land Grants    Grants south of Walker's Line.  Issued from 1825 to         
                                 1923.  Lists Butlers in Jackson, Sumner, Fentress,
                                 Stewart, Montgomery, Opp Whitley, and Macon Counties.

               Abs Ct Minutes    John Butler v. Susan Butler et al. pg 403.                   

               Cemetery          Cemetery Inscriptions, Tyrone Township, Franklin County     
                                 by Chloe Davis.  Reid cemetery, row 4, Butler, inf dau
                                 W & M no date; Susan M. Butler, dau W & M Feb 14, 1856;
                                 Thos. L. Butler, inf son W & M.  By Chloe Davis & Ruby
                                 Henderson.   (ref).

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